Sherlyn Devadason of ORCA won the 200m individual medley gold in the girls Group III category of the Sendhil Memorial Tamil Nadu State-level swimming meet here on Sunday, creating the lone National record (NR) of the day (2:35.72), her third NR in the championship. Sherlyn was adjudged the overall champion in her section.

J.S. Chopra, President, Delphi-TVS, gave away the prizes.

The results (winners only):

Men: 1500m freestyle: C.G. Gowtham (SDAT Shakthi) 18:41.47; 400m individual medley: J. Agnishwar (Turtles) 5:21.54; 100m breaststroke: J. Agnishwar (Turtles) 1:09.55.

Boys: Group I: 1500m freestyle: Allen James Tom (NLC) 19:02.84; 400m individual medley: B. Sathish (Salem) 5:29.68; 4x200m freestyle relay: TSPA 8:54.58; 100m breaststroke: S. Sarath Kumar (TSPA) 1:14.67; 100m butterfly: Sajan Prakash (NLC) 0:59.04 ( NMR).

II: 1500m freestyle: Gautham Selvakumar (Turtles) 19:12.73; 400m individual medley: J.T. Yugesh Kumar (Turtles) 5:23.55; 4x200m freestyle relay: Turtles 9:19.19 ( NMR); 100m breaststroke: Emil Robin Singh T (SDAT Thirunelveli) 1:18.63; 100m butterfly: J.T. Yugesh Kumar (Turtles) 1:05.33.

III: 200m freestyle: Kerthan Balasubramanian (ORCA) 2:16.42 ( NMR); 50m freestyle: Kerthan Balasubramanian (ORCA) 0:28.76; 200m individual medley: C. Ruban Kumar (Turtles) 2:48.52.

IV: 100m freestyle: S. Abhishek (Turtles) 1:09.57 ( NMR); 50m freestyle: V.S. Gokulnath (SDAT Dolphin) 0:31.75; V: 200m individual medley: D. Aditya (TSPA) 3:22.23; 50m backstroke: D. Aditya (TSPA) 0:43.50; 4x50m medley relay: SDAT Anna 3:12.84; VI: 25m breaststroke: Yash Rahod (ORCA) 0:23.63; 100m individual medley: Davis Niranjana (SDAT Cuddalore) 1:40.71.

Girls: Group I: 1500m freestyle: Anusha Mehta (ORCA) 19:07.10 ( NMR); 400m individual medley: S. Darshini (TSPA) 5:45.93; 4x200m freestyle: Turtles 9:57.82 ( NMR); 100m breaststroke: C. Lavanya (Turtles) 1:26.55; 100m butterfly: S. Darshini (TSPA) 1:10.91.

II: 400m individual medley: V.K.R. Meenakshi (Turtles) 5:35.00 ( NMR); 1500m freestyle: Samyuktha (ORCA) 20:14.89; 4x200m freestyle relay: ORCA 10:10.78; 100m breaststroke: Vatchala Ashokan (ORCA) 1:29.98; 100m butterfly: Kaviya Gopalakrishnan (ORCA) 1:10.78 ( NMR).

III: 200m freestyle: Nivya Raja (ORCA) 2:31.38; 50m freestyle: A.V. Jayaveena (Turtles) 0:29.36 ( NR); 200m individual medley: Sherlyn Devadason (ORCA) 2:35.72 ( NR).

IV: 100m freestyle: P.M. Abishiktha (SDAT Dolphin) 1:13.21; 50m freestyle: P.M. Abishiktha (SDAT Dolphin) 0:33.87,

V: 200m individual medley: R. Jhaanavi (SDAT Dolphin) 3:18.58; 50m backstroke: S. Smruthi (SDAT Dolphin) 0:43.53; 4x50m medley relay: Marina 3:35.51.

VI: 25m breaststroke: Yohini Padayachi (Salem) 0:24.40; 100m individual medley: Priyanka Pugazharasu (TSN Club) 1:39.20.

Champions: Men: J. Agnishwar (Turtles) & C.G. Gowtham (SDAT Shakthi) 35 pts each; Boys: Group I: Jaywant Vijayakumar (Turtles) 48; II: J.T. Yugesh Kumar (Turtles) 40; III: Kerthan Balasubramanian (ORCA) 36; IV: S. Danush (TSPA) 51; V: D. Aditya (TSPA) 35; VI: Benedicton Rohit B (SDAT Thirunelveli) 25.

Women: M. Anitha (TNSP) 21; Girls: I: Anusha Mehta (ORCA) 40; II: V.K.R. Meenakshi (Turtles) 40; III: Sherlyn Devadason (ORCA) 63; IV: P.M. Abishiktha (SDAT Dolphin) 33; V: R. Jaahnavi (SDAT Dolphin) 30; VI: Priyanka Pugazharasu (TSN Club) 33 .


ball badminton

SRM University will conduct the All India Inter-University men's and women's ball badminton championships from January 10 to 14 at its Kattankulathur campus. This was announced at a press conference here on Sunday by Ravi Panchamoothoo, Pro Chancellor, SRM University.

“This is the first time that the same university is conducting both the men's and women's tournaments,” said Panchamoothoo.

Around 1500 players from 120 universities from all over India, including Mangalore University, defending champion in both the men's and women's events will take part.

IOB loses to Customs

Indian Overseas Bank suffered its first defeat in seven matches when it went down to Customs on Sunday in the SRM-Chennai district ‘A' division volleyball league.

Customs won 25-18, 25-18, 23-25, 25-21 for its eighth win in nine outings to lead the table with 17 points. IOB is in second place with 13 points.

Other results: Men: Southern Railway bt Indian Bank 25-16, 25-23, 25-18; ICF bt Tamil Nadu Police 25-21, 20-25, 25-16, 25-17; women: Vel's Univ bt Armed Police 25-17, 25-15; SDAT bt GKM club 25-18, 18-25, 25-16 .

Sai Krishna wins

S.T. Sai Krishna of St. Louis School for the Blind, won the State-level chess tournament, organised by the Tamil Nadu Branch of the National Association of the Blind (NAB).

Sixty-seven visually impaired players took part in the competition inaugurated by GM Bhaskaran Adhiban.

Md. Shakeel Akthar, IPS, Additional Commissioner of Police (Law and Order), presided and gave away the prizes in the presence of Ms. Renuka Mohan Roa, GM, Indian Overseas Bank and Ms. Alagu Muthu, President, State Branch of the NAB.

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