Seven players shared the lead with 3.5 points each at the end of the fourth round in the State chess championship at the YMCA hall here on Friday.

V.N. Viswanath, M.B. Muralidharan, Nimmy A. George, P.V. Gireesh, O.T. Anil Kumar, Joy Lazar and Binju Oommen were the players in lead.

The results (fourth round):V.N. Viswanthan (Knr) 3.5 drew with M.B. Muralidharan (Ekm) 3.5; Nimmy A. George (Ekm) 3.5 drew with P.V. Gireesh (Ekm) 3.5; O.T. Anil Kumar (Koz) 3.5 bt P.K. Suresh (Tsr) 3; S.R. Hari Krishnan (Tvm) 3 drew with Nirmal (Tsr) 3; Ajeesh Kumar (Alp) 2.5 lost to Joy Lazar (Tsr) 3.5; A.K. Jagadeesh (Knr) 3 drew with K. Athish (Koz) 3; Binju Oommen (Pth) 3.5 bt P.S. Ameer (Ekm) 2.5; V. Rejith (Klm) lost to Prince Mudakayam (Ktm) 3; K.R. Madhusoodhanan (Koz) bt V.S. Unnikrishnan (Klm) 2; S. Sanil (Klm) 2 lost to Santosh H. David (Koz) 3. — Principal Correspondent

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