With just one player willing to play in the women’s section at the last National championship, the Kerala Table Tennis Association has come up with a huge list of reserves in its State teams this time.

Seven reserves each have been announced for the five-member men’s and women’s teams for the forthcoming National senior championship.

“Last year, only one girl was willing to go so we didn’t send a women’s team. We have the same bunch of girls who are playing in three or four age groups and since they are in school, they want to go for just one or two nationals (sub-junior and junior),” said S.A.S. Navaz, the KTTA Secretary, on Tuesday. “In case we have a similar problem this time, we didn’t want to call each player to find out whether they are willing to go. So, we have prepared a long list of reserves well in advance.”

The teams: Men: S. Sunder (Alp), Mishal Dilawar (Ekm), M. Harikrishnan (Tvm), Rahul Binu Mathew (Alp), Anas Irshad (Alp). Reserves: Subojith Kar (Koz), Nithin Narayanan (Ekm), Bharath Krishnan (Tvm), Rohit Binu Mathew (Alp), Vysakh Ravi (Ekm), Renjith Benny (Tvm), Vishnu Narayan (Alp).

Youth boys: S. Sunder (Alp), Mishal Dilawar (Ekm), Subojith Kar (Koz), Rahul Binu Mathew (Alp). Reserves: Bharath Krishnan, M. Harikrishnan (both Tvm).

Junior boys: Mishal Dilawar (Ekm), Anas Irshad (Alp), Rohit Binu Mathew (Alp), Renjith Benny (Tvm). Reserves: Nithin Narayanan (Ekm), Joshua J. Mathew (Alp).

Sub-junior boys: Mishal Dilawar (Ekm), Anas Irshad (Alp), Ajins T. Saji (Ekm), Goutham S. Kumar (Mlp). Reserves: M.D. Inush, Jubair Khan (both Koz).

Cadet boys: Jubair Khan, Mohammed Sahil (both Koz), M. Pranav (Alp), Geo James (Wyd). Reserves: J. Vivek (Ekm), Stenjinlal Sibi (Wyd).

Women: Seraha Jacob, Maria Rony, Shika Jacob, Gia Anna George (all Alp), Jasmine Sunny (Wyd). Reserves: R. Aswani (Alp), Aneesha Ganesh (Idk), Adheena K. Latheef (Tvm), Gayathri Girish (Ekm), Anju Thomas (Tvm), Nandini Menon (Ekm), Aneeta Joseph (Ekm).

Youth girls: Maria Rony, Gia Anna George, Seraha Jacob, Shika Jacob (all Alp). Reserves: Jasmine Sunny (Wyd), R. Aswani (Alp).

Junior girls: Maria Rony, Seraha Jacob, Gia Anna George, R. Aswani (all Alp). Reserves: Nandini Menon (Ekm), Jasmine Sunny (Wyd).

Sub-junior girls: R. Aswani (Alp), Anamika John (Wyd), Treesa Cherian (Alp), Agnas Antony (Wyd). Reserves: Krishna Priya, Aswathy Krishna (both Tvm).

Cadet girls: Reenu Baiju, Reeva Anna Michael (both Alp), Abina M. Wilson, Julia Joshy (both Wyd). Reserves: Bhavana Menon (Ekm), Kavya Jayanth (Koz).

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