St John's: Trinidad and Tobago may have made it to the finals of the World Cup in Germany but it is Brazil Viv Richards and Curtly Ambrose will be rooting for.

``I like their natural flair. When I played I liked to dominate bowling, Brazil also look to dominate the opposition. I enjoy watching them,'' said Richards.

Fellow Antiguan Ambrose also dances to the Samba tune. ``What I like about Brazil is that they entertain the most. They have some good players. Ronaldinho is a champion. He is still young and very willing to learn every single day on the pitch that sets him apart from the rest,'' he said.

However, for Brian Lara it has to be Trinidad and Tobago and the West Indies captain is keeping his fingers crossed for Dwight Yorke's men. ``I was very elated when Trinidad and Tobago qualified for the World Cup. My support is for Dwight Yorke and his team,'' said Lara.

A close friend of the former Manchester United forward, Lara in fact called up and congratulated Yorke last week after the side defeated Austria in a friendly tie.

Still, like most of the football followers in the world, Lara also admits that Brazil is special.

There are few cricketing nations that are playing the World Cup this time.

``T&T play England in their group while Australia faces Brazil. Matches would be interesting,'' said the southpaw.

Realistic expectations

As for Ambrose, he is not drowned in swell of emotions looking to support fellow Caribbean team. ``I would like Trinidad and Tobago to win some prizes, may be knock of few big teams. But I am a realist. I don't see them playing the final,'' said Ambrose.

But Richards hopes otherwise. ``As a Caribbean citizen we also support Trinidad and Tobago. Hope that it's a Brazil versus T&T final,'' he said smilingly.

Apart from Brazil, Richards is also looking forward to England's matches. ``Having lived in England for a long time, I have developed a liking for English football. I closely follow English Premier League. I like their fast brand of football,'' said Richards.

``There are some young players who I look forward to watching. Lionel Messi is one. Ronaldinho is good. I also hope that Wayne Rooney is fit to play sometimes later in the tournament. I also like Stephen Gerrard as I cheer for Liverpool,'' he said. UNI

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