Rajkumar, Bhaskar

in semifinals

D. Rajkumar will clash with B. Bhaskar while I.H. Manudev will take on Mundir Shirazi in the semifinals of the Indian Oil Servo-Bank of Baroda sponsored state ranking senior billiards championship at the KSBA hall here.

In the quarterfinals on Wednesday, Rajkumar downed Nihaal Wadhwa while Bhaskar brushed aside Arvind Savur.

The results: Senior Billiards league: Bharath Chugh bt Ajay Bhushan 100-32, 52-100, 100-73, 100-59; B. Bhaskar bt V.K. Sadarangania 101-10, 101-29, 100-15; I.H. Manudev bt A. Satish Kumar 100-55, 17-24 (Satish conceded); Mundir Sherazi bt Vikram Masand 101-26, 102-40, 102-54; D. Raj Kumar bt Sameer Sait 102-47, 100 -11, 101-69; Nihaal Wadhwa bt Nadeem Azeez 100-25, 101-34, 81-101, 96-100, 101-82; Amit Bhushan bt L. Nagaraj 93-100, 101-82, 101-78, 101-53; Arvind Savur bt Michael Rebello 101-74, 100-35, 66-100, 73-101, 100-44.

Quarterfinals (150 up): D. Raj Kumar bt Nihaal Wadhwa 150-47, 151-87, 150-45; B. Bhaskar bt Arvind Savur 150-136, 152-60, 151-121; Mundir Sherazi bt Michael Rebello 150 -125, 136-151, 150-56, 140-152, 151-67; I.H. Manudev bt Bharath Chugh 150-137, 151-70, 150-140.

Patel, Wadiyar

take charge

Brijesh Patel and Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar formally took charge as secretary and president of the Karnataka State Cricket Association here on Wednesday. The two assumed office after a simple ceremony in the afternoon.

The pair, voted into power with a landslide victory in Sunday’s elections, reiterated that the satisfaction of members and the revival of dormant tournaments were key objectives.

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