M.A.M. Ramaswamy was unanimously elected Chairman and Senior Steward for the year 2013-14 in the annual general body meeting of the Madras Race Club here on Wednesday.

K. Balarama Das was elected the Deputy Chairman.

Other management committee members: K. Ganapathy, RM. Lakshmanan, Md. Javeed Ghatala, Mohd. Yusuf, AL. Murugappan, M.A.M. R. Muthiah, R. Ramakrishnan, P.T. Ram Kumar, M. Roosevelt. A. Viswanathan.

The government nominees (also Stewards of the Club): Gagandeep Singh, Md. Nasimuddin, Niranjan Mardi, S.K. Prabakar; Stewards of the Club: M.A.M. Ramaswamy, K. Balarama Das, Md. Javeed Ghatala, AL. Murugappan, M. Roosevelt, A. Viswanathan.

Chairman & Members of the Board of Appeal: Chairman: R. Ramakrishnan; Members: K. Ganapathy, RM. Lakshmanan, Mohd. Yusuf, M.A.M. R. Muthiah, P.T. Ram Kumar.

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