Chennai: Rajesh Choudhary of AYN finished first in all three races of the Standard fleet category, on the third day of the Vestas National laser coastal sailing championship, at the Chennai Port on Monday.

It was a difficult day for the sailors, with four to five knots of wind speed coming in.

The wind dropped in the first race, which led to the course being shortened for the second race.

In the Radial category, Shekar S. Yadav of INWTC Mumbai was leading by a single point over Parvinder Singh (NSS), while local sailor Rohini Rau topped the women’s table. She is overall fourth in the Radial fleet. Mumbai’s Ayesha Lobo finished second in Race No.9, her highest finish in the championship.

Provisional results: Laser Full Rig: Race 7: 1. Rajesh Choudhary (AYN), 2. Ajay Rau (RMYC), 3. Mohapatra (EMESA).

Race 8: 1. Rajesh Choudhary (AYN), 2. B.K. Rout (AYN), 3. Dharmendra (AYN).

Race 9: 1. Rajesh Choudhary (AYN), 2. Dharmendra (AYN), 3. Selvam (AYN).

Laser Radial fleet: Race 7: 1. Parvinder Singh (NSS), 2. Gajendra Singh (AYN), 3. Sukhvir Singh (INWTC Mb).

Race 8: 1. Anil Sharma (NSS), 2. Rohini Rau (RMYC), 3. Shekar Yadav (INWTC Mb). Race 9: 1. S.S. Yadav (INWTC Mb), 2. Ayesha Lobo (NSS), 3. Parvinder Singh (AYN).

Laser 4.7: Race 7: 1. Aman Vyas (NSS), 2. Shivam (NSS).

Race 8: 1. Shivam (NSS), 2. Sidra (NSS), 3. Sarad Singha (NSS).

Race 9: 1. Shwetha Sadanand (TNSA), 2. Aman Vyas (NSS), 3. Shivam (NSS). — Sports Reporter

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