Sourav Ganguly says the time is not right for senior players to retire, and selectors should not force them to quit the game.

“Players like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and V.V.S. Laxman should decide on their own when it comes to taking a call on quitting the game.

“The day their performance drops, they will leave on their own,” Ganguly said.

“It is good to see youngsters perform so well in the shorter format but I am more worried about Tests.

“We haven't seen anyone who can challenge these seniors.

“Definitely, the time hasn't come to phase out seniors in Tests,” Ganguly added.

Kapil Dev, however, feels selectors should take the decision and proposes an orderly phase out of the seniors.

“It is the selectors who will have to take a call on their retirement. A player never likes to retire. Selectors should see the bigger picture and take a tough decision. But, they (selectors) should do this while giving full respect to these seniors,” Kapil said.

“All three seniors — Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and V.V. S. Laxman should not play together in a single Test.

“Two of them can play and one can be rested so that a youngster can be tested in his place.

“In this manner, we can give a chance to a talented youngster without taking too much risk and making too many changes all of a sudden,” Kapil added.

“Everyone knows that it is not going to be easy to find replacements for the likes of Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman. It is going to be extremely difficult. But, youngsters, even though they might have failed in whatever chances they've got till now, have to be given another go,” he said. — PTI

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