The International Cricket Council CEO Haroon Lorgat revealed on Wednesday that Sachin Tendulkar's ideas on One-Day Internationals had been discussed as early as in May this year, but the world body had decided that there was “no need for dramatic changes” to the format.

Tendulkar had written to the ICC suggesting four alternating innings of 25 overs for each side in ODIs — in his view, the fairest way of balancing the advantages gained by the team that wins the toss, when the pitch and weather conditions mean that a match can virtually be decided by the spin of a coin.

Tendulkar's letter had also proposed changes in voluntary Power Plays.

Asked for a response on Tendulkar's proposals here on Wednesday, Lorgat told select journalists: “I was engaged with Sachin a long time back on his thinking on the 50-over format. I met with him during the World Cup. He gave me a written proposal which we took to the Cricket Committee in May.

“But the view of the committee, which was supported by the Board, was that the 50-over format was in sound health and that there was no need for dramatic changes at this stage. Two innovations were introduced, and it was felt sufficient.”

Lorgat clarified that the ICC Board — which comprises member nations — was the decision-making authority. “The majority decides… If India makes a proposal and the majority supports it, then, that's what the Board will decide,” he said, asserting that everyone, not merely India, from where cricket generates upwards of 70 per cent of its revenue, was equally responsible for any decision.

Lorgat also said India was entitled to its opinion on the UDRS. “The decision was made in Hong Kong on the use of DRS. In my view we have to use the full system,” he said.

On ICC toughening its stance on pitches for Test cricket, Lorgat said a pitch that did not produce a fair balance between bat and ball could be rated poor.

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