NEW YORK: Bob and Mike Bryan were doubly disappointed this week.

The top-ranked Americans were upset in the semifinals of the U.S. Open to Lukas Dlouhy and Leander Paes. A day earlier, they had planned to release their new band’s first album on iTunes, but that fell through, too.

At least the four songs were played in Arthur Ashe Stadium during the semifinal.

“It was kind of hard to concentrate: I was listening to the songs on the changeovers, like, ‘OK, I could’ve done a better fill there,’” Mike Bryan joked.

The Bryan Brothers Band (feat. David Baron) has Bob on bass and keyboards and Mike on drums.

Baron, a friend who is a singer and songwriter, is the lead vocalist and plays piano and guitar. They’re working on a fifth, bonus track with Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray each singing a short verse.

The group rushed to wrap up the album, Let It Rip, so it could be released in time for the Open. They fell short on that goal — and on the goal of winning an eighth Grand Slam and third U.S. Open title.

Changing things around

The Chinese team of Yan Zi and Zheng Jie worked out one way to make things a little closer against the Williams sisters.

“Hit it more to Venus,” Yan said.

Nothing against her game, but when you lose 6-0, 6-0 to anyone, the way Yan and Zheng did to the Williamses a few months ago at Wimbledon, you’ve got to change something.

“Serena’s game at the net, she’s so strong, so fast,” Yan said. “We knew we had to keep the ball away from her.”

That, plus the chance to meet the Williamses on hard court instead of grass, is what the Chinese credited their more successful showing at the U.S. Open.

Oh, it was still a loss. But only 7-5, 6-4 this time.

“We played them very close,” Zheng said. “We were happy to get out there and keep playing” for a while. — AP

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