The ranking system is all set to change in professional snooker and World Snooker chairman Jason Ferguson feels that the shift from points to prize money as the basis of world rankings will provide a better opportunity for new entrants.

“What we are doing now is base the rankings on the prize money they earn which makes it easier for new players to rise up the ladder. This way you will see a lot of rise and fall.

“Moreover, the new players also have a chance to rise up the ladder quickly rather than having to fight for a longer time,” said Ferguson on the sidelines of the inaugural Indian Open here.

Along with the current two-year rolling points-based rankings, World Snooker has already started to rank the players according to their earnings. “The prize money rankings will take effect from the conclusion of the 2014 World Championships and will be used to determine the top 64 qualifying for the 2014-2015 season. All the players were informed about the change,” said Jason.

Ferguson said popularising professional snooker across the globe was one of the primary goals of World Snooker.

“We have reached 90 countries and the game is shown in 77 countries. We are looking forward to taking the game to many more countries.”

Ferguson was pleased with the effort put in by the Billiards and Snooker Federation of India (BSFI).

“The BSFI has done a brilliant job in organising the event. What we are planning to do is engage schools and conduct clinics that will drive the next generation into the sport. We would not disappear after the Indian Open and are confident this is the start of a long journey.”

Ferguson spoke about his dream of seeing snooker in the Olympics.

“The journey to the Olympics is a long-drawn process and extremely difficult. We hope some day we can achieve that dream. The earliest I see any chance is 2028,” he said.

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