KOLKATA: The priced multi-role player, Syed Rahim Nabi, moved out of the Mohammedan Sporting camp and rejoined old club Kingfisher East Bengal on Friday. The player officially gave his allegiance to the old club signing the transfer in favour of East Bengal for the season 2006-07.

This has sparked off a complex legal battle with the clubs making claims and counter-claims. Nabi, along with three other East Bengal players S. Malswamtluanga, S. Suresh and Chandan Das, had promised his allegiance with Mohammedan Sporting before the start of the transfers for the new season. But things started changing thereafter as East Bengal which had opposed the four players' transfer saying all had existing contract with the club won back Das before picking up Nabi in successive attempts. The player said that he was always inclined towards East Bengal but had temporarily drifted off course for ``some unexplainable reasons.''

Three players, including Nabi, Suresh and Malswamtluanga, had made an application to the City Civil Court seeking to get back their `tokens' which were in East Bengal custody. The IFA accepted Nabi's candidature on the basis of the documents available with East Bengal.

Mohammedan Sporting has contested this decision saying Nabi had signed an agreement with it. Faced with the situation, the IFA has decided to put the case to the Standing Transfer and Registration sub-committee, which will be convened on Monday. Principal Correspondent

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