• Schumi won't be participating in other racing any time soon
  • Massa said he considers the German as the most complete driver

    SAO PAULO: Seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher is more than certain about retiring, but he said on Thursday that he has no idea about what he'll do after Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix.

    Schumacher, who will end his 16-year Formula One career this weekend, said he is still considering his options for life off the tracks.

    ``How is it going to be my life afterward? I don't know,'' Schumacher said. ``I don't feel like I should know. I don't have to have a vision for my life afterward right now. I have plenty of time.''

    The German driver said he is sure he won't be participating in other racing series any time soon.

    ``No, I have no interest in that,'' he said.

    Drivers' title out

    Schumacher admitted the Drivers' title is all but out of reach, saying the goal now is to help win the constructors' championship for Ferrari.

    Schumacher expects Ferrari to have no problem staying at the top after he is gone.

    ``There was Ferrari without Schumacher before I came and there will be Ferrari without me when I go,'' he said. ``I'm sure that it will make very good decisions in order to replace myself to keep the success story going.''

    Felipe Massa said he considers Ferrari teammate Michael Schumacher the most complete driver of all time.

    ``He's really a genius on the track,'' Massa said.

    ``The numbers speak for themselves, but after watching him closely you see that he is really an incredible driver.''

    Massa, who became Schumacher's teammate this season, said the German has all the attributes of a great driver.

    ``Some are fast, others are more technical, but he has everything. He is the most complete in all areas,'' Massa said.

    ``In my opinion, he is the most complete of all time, without a doubt.''

    Massa said he can't compare Schumacher to Brazilian great Ayrton Senna, who many argued was the best ever before dying in a crash in 1994.

    ``Unfortunately I couldn't be with Senna, but certainly he had the same qualities as Michael.'' AP

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