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Joeri Reisig downs Adam Grabish

VASCO (Goa): Former Asian under-21 champion Moh Keen Hoo of Malaysia took time settling down on the new Wiraka-IBSF tables.

And by then India’s Balaji Reddy was up and coasting. But once the Malay found his bearings the Indian had no answer in a group B encounter on the opening day of the Vascon-Manisha World under 21 IBSF snooker championship at the picturesque Bogmallo Beach Resort near here, on Wednesday.

Balaji Reddy led 2-0. But midway through the second frame Moh Keen Hoo showed what he was capable off.

And after a brief toilet break the tide changed totally in the Malay’s favour.

With deft potting and some shrewd snooker’s Hoo cruised through to a 58-70, 55-58, 67-9, 100-28, 79-21, 65-44 win.

Hoo had an unfinished break of 88 in the fourth frame and a 67 in the fifth, which took the sting out off Balaji.

Good day for Shivam

Shivam Arora however, brought some cheer to the Indian camp with a fluent 91-8, 53-41,55-68, 57-30, 86-52 victory over Sweden’s Douglas Appelberg.

“The third frame was lost on black ball...and though there were only breaks of only 30’ and 20’s, I’m happy with my overall game,” said Shivam, the 20-year-old BBM student from Pune.

“My safety and snooker’s also came good,” added Shivam.

Minor upset

In a minor upset of sorts Joeri Reisig of the Netherlands accounted for Adam Grabish of Australia 4-2.

Joeri won 40-62,58-30, 66-27, 13-65, 64-28, 59-51.

The Chinese, top seeded in this championship gave some anxious moments to the organisers turning up only this afternoon.

“We got no intimation from them and if they don’t turn up even today we might end up scratching the whole team,” said Mohammed Kammah, the tournament director and IBSF general secretary.

Chinese scare

But the Chinese did turn up an hour later although Yu Delu had to forfeit his match against Sweden’s Christoffer Koba.

The results:

Group A:

Michael Georgiou (Eng) bt Gailums Tomass (Latvia) 4-0 (51-45, 59-32, 56-50, 72-1); Ahmed Ghulam muanedi (Bah) bt Sohrabi Aya (Neth) 4-1 (41-46, 69-1,69-39,70-10, 57-24).

Group B:

Moh Keen hoo (Mal) bt Balaji Reddy (Ind) 4-2 (58-70, 55-58, 67-9, 100-28, 79-21, 65-44); David Meier-Bailey (NZ) w/o Omar Alkojah (Syr); Vincent Muldoon (Ire) bt Yassen Hatem (Egy) 4-0 (74-8, 79-19, 40-12, 90-1).

Group C:

Davy Pauly (Bel) bt Nedal Al-Bakshy (Saudi Arabia) 4-1 (65-2, 37-64,92-7, 56-46, 102-24).

Group D:

John Loh (Mal) bt Hussein Alwatani (Bah) 4-1 (4-54, 59-50, 63-27, 51-37, 66-30.

Group E:

Robbie Williams (Eng) bt Thor Chuan Leong (Mal) 4-2 (81-47, 74-46, 43-54,40-49, 63-37, 84-28).

Group F:

Christoffer Koba (Swe) w/o Yu Delu (Chn); Daniel Wells (Wales) bt Abdullah Al-Sobhy (Saudi Arabia) 4-0 (102-7, 65-24, 79-4, 58-9).

Group G:

Shivam Arora (Ind) bt Douglas Appelberg (Swe) 4-1 (91-8, 53-41, 55-68, 57-30, 86-52); Passakorn Suwannawat (Thai) bt Abdulla Ibrahim Hassim Abdulla (UAE) 4-0 (60-3, 86-32, 86-7, 61-24).

Group H:

Joeri Reisig (Net) bt Adam Grabish (Aus) 40-62, 58-30, 66-27, 13-65, 64-28, 59-51).

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