Two years after winning the National sub-junior title here, Lalrinpuia returned to the Abhay Prashal Stadium and straightaway played a hand in Mizoram’s resounding 3-0 victory over Maharashtra ‘B’ in the first round of the sub-junior boys’ section of the National junior and youth table tennis championship on Monday.

Lalrinpuia and teammate Lalhunhida, both trainees at the Ajmer-based Petroleum Academy, were spared to represent their state in the championship. The Mizo boys won their singles against Parth Phansekar and Arbaz Shaikh and then joined hands in the doubles tie to stop Shaikh and Sudhakar Pandey.

On a day when most fancied teams won with ease, the Karnataka girls owed it to M.V. Spoorthy for winning two matches, overpowering Mehalaya 3-2.

Tanushree Das Gupta had put Meghayala 2-1 ahead by winning her singles and doubles, with Medhavi Chettri. In the deciding tie, following Spoorthy’s second win, M. Madhurya blanked Medhavi to complete Karnataka’s hard-earned triumph.

The results (first round): Youth Boys: Petroleum bt Bihar 3-0, Maharashtra ‘A’ bt Himachal Pradesh 3-0, Delhi bt Kerala 3-0, Manipur bt Chhatisgarh 3-2, West Bengal bt Andhra Pradesh 3-0, Assam bt J&K 3-0, TN bt Chandigarh 3-0, UP bt Tripura 3-0, North Bengal bt Meghalaya 3-0, Haryana bt Jharkhand 3-0, MP bt Gujarat 3-2, Karnataka bt Uttarakhand 3-0, Mizoram bt Orissa 3-1.

Youth Girls: Petroleum bt Meghalaya 3-0, West Bengal bt Chhatisgarh 3-0, Tamil Nadu bt Uttarakhand 3-0, Andhra Pradesh bt Chandigarh 3-0, Gujarat bt Karnataka 3-0, Maharashtra ‘B’ bt J&K 3-0, Delhi bt Bihar 3-0, North Bengal bt Uttar Pradesh 3-1, Kerala bt Jharkhand 3-0.

Junior Boys: Petroleum Academy bt Bihar 3-0, Delhi bt Chandigarh 3-0, West Bengal bt Haryana 3-1, Punjab bt Manipur 3-0, Rajasthan bt Madhya Pradesh 3-0, Maharashtra ‘A’ bt J&K 3-0, Andhra Pradesh bt Uttarakhand 3-0, Mizoram bt Maharashtra B 3-0, Karnaraka bt Meghalaya 3-0, North Bengal bt Kerala 3-0, Orissa bt Tripura 3-0, TN bt Himachal Pradesh 3-0.

Junior Girls: West Bengal bt Bihar 3-0, Tamil Nadu bt Rajasthan 3-0, North Bengal bt Tripura 3-0, Maharashtra ‘A’ bt Assam 3-0, AP bt Uttarakhand 3-0, Delhi bt Haryana 3-0, Gujarat bt J&K 3-0, Karnataka bt Meghalaya 3-2, Maharashtra bt Himachal Pradesh 3-0, Chandigarh bt Punjab 3-1.

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