BANGALORE: India’s Chitra Magimairaj and Vidya Pillai began their campaign in the Asian ranking 9-ball pool championship at Gageu, South Korea, on a winning note but failed to maintain the momentum and lost their next two matches against fancied opponents rather tamely.

Indira T. Gowda, making her maiden international appearance, lost all her matches on the opening day and is virtually out of contention.

Chitra and Vidya need to win their last league matches to advance into the round of 24.

The results (only Indians): Chitra M bt Kyoko Sone (Jap) 7-5; Vidya Pillai bt Hye Jung Choi (Kor) 7-2; Indira Gowda lost to Mariko Niibo (Jap) 4-7.

Chitra lost to Eun Gee Park (Kor) 3-7; Vidya Pillai lost to Pei Chen Tsai (Tai) 3-7; Indira lost to Chihiro Kawahara (Jap) 0-7.

Chitra M lost to Lin Yuan Chun (Tai) 2-7; Indira lost to Shin Mei Liu (Tai)7-1; Vidya Pillai loast to Yu Kiko Oi (Jap) 1-7.

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