Aditya Mehta became only the second Indian to record a 147-break in snooker, when he reached the milestone against Brijesh Damani here at the KSBA Hall on Tuesday.

In a match at the selection camp for the Indian snooker team to compete in the Asian Indoor Games, Mehta achieved the highest possible break in snooker (15 reds with 15 blacks each time, followed by potting all colour balls), and became the first to do so after stalwart Geet Sethi etched his name in history at the 1988 Guntur Nationals.

Mehta was down two-frames-to-one when he made the break, and went on to win the best-of-five-frame contest.

After the match, an elated Mehta said: “You cannot take a 147-break for granted until you pot the very last ball.

“Anything can happen, and I had to hold back my excitement as I approached the final pot. However, when I got the first six blacks in, I realised that I had a chance.”

The 27-year-old, who said he has made a 147-break at a practice session five years ago, added: “Every player is aware of Geet Sethi’s record. This is a milestone; and I hope it leads to better things for me in the future.”

Cash award

S. Balasubramaniam, Honourary Secretary, Billiards and Snooker Federation of India and President, KSBA, announced a cash award of Rs. 14,700.

Mehta and Kamal Chawla, meanwhile, will represent India in the snooker individual event, while Mehta, Chawla and Damani will compete in the team event at the Asian Indoor Games.

Final standings:

1. Aditya Mehta; 2. Kamal Chawla; 3. Brijesh Damani; 4. Manan Chandra.

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