CHENNAI: Abdeali Masaliya of Chennai Equitation Centre, astride Mount Bold Performer, completed his round of jumping without a penalty and then rode his bicycle to complete the (ride and cycle) event without a single fault in the South India equestrian championships at Wellington on Saturday.

The results: Jumping (above 16 years): 1. Ris Balakrishnan (DSSC, Wellington), 2. Madhusudhan (Good Shepherd School), 3. Isabelle Hasleder (CEC, Chennai); Ride and cycle: 1. Abdeali Masaliya (CEC, Chennai), 2. Lt. Col. A.S. Rathor (DSSC, Wellington), 3. Dfr. Prakash Khande (OTA, Chennai); Jumping 65cm (14 years and below): 1. Rohit Mehta (RM Farms, Pollachi), 2. Vritesh Kumar (DSSC, Wellington), 3. Pratika Gopinath (CEC, Chennai) .

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