Kudos to Stuart Binny

It may be a match against Bangladesh, but to bag six wickets while conceding just four runs is no easy feat. India’s Stuart Binny did it in the second ODI and helped India win by 47 runs. The fact that this performance has eclipsed Anil Kumble’s record of six for 12 against the West Indies makes it really memorable.

S. Ramakrishnasayee,


Schumi’s greatest comeback

The ‘No Boundaries’ column by Nirmal Shekar was excellent. It reaffirms faith in personal courage, nature’s healing capacity and state-of-the-art medical care, all working in tandem for Michael Schumacher. It captures the essence of the situation and precisely points out the grit and mental make-up of Schumacher.

M.V. Nagarajamani,


From the ‘No Boundaries’ column ‘Schumacher’s greatest comeback’, it is really heartening to know about the happy turn of fortunes for Schumacher.

Him having now shifted to Switzerland for further rehabilitation, let us pray together for his speedy recovery.

V. Sethuraman,


Whither Hockey?

It is really painful to see the national game of hockey in such a critical situation. If the government is serious about the reputation of the game, it should take necessary steps to overhaul the entire hockey squad.

First it should earmark more money for the growth of the game. Also, it should bring new life to the hockey team by inducting fresh talent.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,


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