The IPL fanfare

The IPL-VI player auction went off with the usual fanfare. 

However, as a cricket lover I would have loved to see Pakistan players in the auction. The continuing omission of young and exciting talent from Pakistan reveals a disturbing trend of the sport in the sub-continent.

J. Anantha Padmanabhan


A blot

Current pillars of Indian tennis fraternity, often plagued by egoism, do not seem to stop at anything to achieve their ends even if it means putting the country’s best interests in the backburner.

Whatever the dispute between AITA and the leading players, it is a blot on the patriotism on the entire Indian tennis family that its best players went missing in the crucial Davis Cup tie against Korea.

One can only hope that all disputes would be settled soon and everyone concerned would work united towards the betterment of Indian tennis.

Suresh Manoharan



In a country where coverage of women sports is generally minimal, particularly in the print media,  The Hindu ’s efforts in providing generous space for women’s basketball and cricket (the ICC World Cup) and hockey earlier is praiseworthy.  

A.V. Narayanan


One man army

Champion South African speedster Dale Steyn once again showed that he is ‘top drawer’ and can single-handedly rip through any batting side.

Breathing all fire and brimstone the ‘one-man demolition army’ simply laid bare the chinks in Pakistan’s batting armoury at the Wanderers, skittling out the visitors for a paltry 49, their lowest  total ever and then hastening their defeat thereafter.

N.J. Ravi Chander


Sheer pace

The way South African paceman Dale Steyn rattled the Pakistan batsmen in the Johannesburg Test was nothing new.

The Aussies and the Kiwis too fell prey to his sheer pace earlier.  After Allan Donald, the South Africans have found a genuine quickie in Steyn, who can be a wrecker-in-chief on any wicket.  

K. Pradeep


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