I commend the Indian women's cricket team for retaining the Asia Cup with a comfortable win over Sri Lanka. The players must be rewarded suitably. Hereafter at least we must give more importance and aid to women's cricket.

T. Manoharan

Where are the youngsters?

The winter National bridge championship in Chennai drew players from all over the country and from Sri Lanka. It was well organised and hospitality by the Tamil Nadu Bridge Association was great. Disappointing was the lukewarm response from youngsters. Barring exceptions, most of the players were over forty with a preponderance of senior players. It only shows that youngsters still think any card game is nothing but gambling. While it is the most popular indoor game in the United States and other countries, it is yet to catch on here.

D.B.N. Murthy

Appeal for hockey

As an ardent fan, I appeal to sports loving industrialists and bureaucrats step in and help Indian hockey before the National game suffers further degeneration. If this is done, I am confident our players will come back to winning ways.

M. Ameen Khan

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