PALAKKAD: M. Kunal, the fourth seed from Tamil Nadu, won the Palghat Chess Academy's all-India open FIDE-rated chess tournament at the Sithara Mahal here on Wednesday.

Kunal, who shared the lead with three others after the penultimate round last night, raced to the front with a decisive victory over Kerala's P.V. Gireesh in the final round. The victory helped Kunal finish the ten-round event with 8.5 points while Tamil Nadu's Preetham Sharma (8) finished runner-up.

The results (final round): M.A.. Joy Lazar (Ker, 8) drew with Preetham R. Sharma (TN, 8), M. Kunal (TN, 8.5) bt P.V. Gireesh (Ker, 7.5), P. Phoobalan (ICF, 7) lost to M. Vijay Anand (TN, 8), R. Muralidharan (TN, 7) lost to O.T. Anilkumar (Ker, 8), Sanjid Latheef (Ker, 7) drew with Akhilesh T. Rai (Goa, 7.5), T.S. Nanda Kumar (TN, 7) drew with Harsh Mangesh Ghag (Mah, 7), N.T. Suresh Kumar (Ker, 6.5) lost to A. Augustine (Kar, 7.5), Mulay Pratik (Mah, 7) drew with E. Nirmal Das (Ker, 7), D. Salil Kumar (Ker, 7) drew with S. Boopeash (TN, 7), Ajit Singh (J&K, 6) lost to M.B. Muralidharan (Ker, 7).

Final placings: 1. M. Kunal (TN, 8.5), 2. Preetham R. Sharma (TN, 8), 3. O.T. Anilkumar (Ker, 8), 4. M.A. Joy Lazar (Ker, 8), 5. M. Vijay Anand (TN, 8), 6. P.V. Gireesh (Ker, 7.5), 7. A. Augustine (Kar, 7.5), 8. Akhilesh T. Rai (Goa, 7.5), 9. P. Phoobalan (ICF, 7), 10. Sanjid Latheef (Ker, 7) . — Principal Correspondent

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