Jenimol Joy (Kerala) and Bhupendra Kumar (Chattisgarh) emerged as the star performers on the fourth day of the 58th National schools athletics meet with record-breaking efforts in the senior girls triple jump and senior boys 5km walk at the Saifai stadium here on Friday.

It was another day of gold rush for the champion Kerala side but what gave a thrust to its overall supremacy was undoubtedly the effort of Jenimol, a trainee under N.V. Nishad Kumar at the LNCPE in Thiruvananthapuram.

Having gone through the qualifying round without much of a hassle and leading the pack into the final round, Jenimol found herself being pushed to the hilt by Rochella Maria (Tamil Nadu) in the fourth series.

Against a lead jump of 12.67m, that was a shade better than the existing meet mark of 12.66m, enjoyed by the Kerala girl, Rochelle seemed to be in position to upset the applecart as she jumped into the lead with an effort that measured 12.73m.

However, Jenimol, all pumped up, clawed her way back into the top with an outstanding effort of 12.84m in the next round itself and that settled the gold medal for the 12th standard student.

Bhupendra Kumar was in the lead almost all through in the senior boys 5km walk held in the morning and it was a virtually a race against the clock for this Chattisgarh lad before he finished with a new mark of 2:38.83 against the previous record of 20:41.27.

Eleven golds

Kerala added eleven more gold medals to its kitty on the penultimate day and in the end had an unassailable lead tally of 26 golds, 23 silver and 16 bronze medals for a total of 243 points.

Maharashtra, which had given the jitters to the champion side through the first two days, is currently in the second position with a haul of 10-11-5 and 91 points ahead of Punjab (8-7-8 and 75 points).

The results: Boys: seniors: 110m hurdles: 1. M.N. Nasimudheen (Ker), 2. Amit Kumar (Jkd), 3. Anas Babu (Ker), (14.89s). 400m hurdles: Raman (Pun), 2. Shivraj Singh (Mah), 3. Potula (AP), (55.56s). High jump: 1. Sreenith Mohan (Ker), 2. Kushare (Mah), 3. Gurkirtan (Pun), (2.08m). 5km walk: 1. Bhupendra Kumar (Cht), 2. Narayan Saroj (UP), 3. Rahul Astagi (Kar), (20:38.83 – New Meet Record: Old Record: 20:41.27).

Juniors: 100m hurdles: 1. Devinder Pal Singh (Pun), 2. Anilash Balan (Ker), 3. Sri Anup (Tri), (13.80s). Triple jump: 1. N. Abdulla Aboobacker (Ker), 2. Kritesh (KVS), 3. Sonu (Raj), (14.45m). Pole vault: 1. Deepak (Har), 2. Kunwar (UP), 3. Aniket (UP), (4.10m). Shot put: 1. Mohammed Ibrahim (UP), 2. Naveen (Har), 3. Angad (UP), (17.31m). Discus throw: 1. Mohammed Mustaque (VB), 2.Mandeep Singh (Pun), 3.Parvesh Kumar (Har), (47.60m).

Sub-juniors: 600m: 1. Beant Singh (Del), 2. N. Konungjao (Man), 3. Gurfaran (UP), (1:25.70). 80m hurdles: 1. Mohammed Tarif (Man), 2. Mohammed Sahinoor (Ker), 3. Mohammed Shafi (Ker), (10.97s).

Girls: Seniors: 100m hurdles: 1. T.S. Arya (Ker), 2. P. Merlin (Ker), 3. Priyanka (Kar), (14.98s). 400m hurdles: 1. P. Merlin (Ker), 2. V.V. Jisha (Ker), 3. Veerpal (Pun), (1:04.60). Triple jump: 1. Jenimol Joy (Ker), 2. Rochelle Maria (TN), 3. Bhumika (Pun), 12.84 – NMR; OR: 12.66m). Pole Vault: 1. Emitha Babu (Ker), 2. Mariya Martin (Ker), 3. Preethi (Kar), (3.20m). Hammer throw: 1. Athira Muralidharan (Ker), 2. Priti Singh (UP), 3. Bhawana (Har), (42.36m). 5km walk: 1. A.M. Bincy (Ker), 2. S. Akshaya (Ker), 3. K.M. Sughanda (UP), (26:36.80).

Juniors: 100m hurdles: 1.Soumya Varghese (Ker), 2. Dibi Sebastian (Ker), 3. Shivangi (Del), (14.94s). Triple jump: 1. E.R. Ranjuka (Ker), 2. Bhuneshwari (Cht), 3. Swapna (Ben), (11.62m). Hammer throw: 1. Bateri (Har), 2. Manpreet Kaur (Pun), 3. C. Nistymol (Ker), (31.88m).

Sub-juniors: 600m: 1. Durga Devre (Mah), 2. Nidhi Singh (Mah), 3. Linet George (Ker), (1:35.80). 80m hurdles: 1. Apurva Gaghre (Mah), 2. K. Vincy (Ker), 3. Sowmya (Kar), (13.32s).

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