Ending India's “domination” of the ICC and dismissing the “nonsensical” idea of having a window for the IPL would top Tony Greig's agenda if he is given charge of cricket's world governing body.

“Number one, we have got to try and get the ICC right. We have a situation at the moment where the ICC is dominated by India. They tell Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and one or two other countries what to do and they always get the vote,” Greig told BBC in an interview. “It's very hard, but somehow we have got to change things at that level,” he added.

Greig said there is too much cricket being played and having a separate window for the IPL would be ridiculous while players complain of burnout.

“We are playing too much cricket. I would be getting all the countries from the world and saying ‘hey listen, what is this nonsense of giving Indian domestic cricket an open window?'

“To give the IPL, a domestic T20 competition, an open window, and reduce by two months the time available for cricketers to play around the world, in the current environment is just ridiculous.”

Greig, however, maintained that he loves the cricketing atmosphere in India. “I took to India and the subcontinent very much...I loved the place,” said Greig. “To this day (Kolkata's) Eden Gardens remains one of my top three grounds, just because of the incredible atmosphere,” he added. — PTI

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