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ON TARGET: India's S. Esaki Madan took the javelin gold in the men's 65+ category. Photo: G.P. Sampath Kumar
ON TARGET: India's S. Esaki Madan took the javelin gold in the men's 65+ category. Photo: G.P. Sampath Kumar

Principal Correspondent

BANGALORE: It was a gold glut for the host on the second day of the 14th Asian Masters athletics championships at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium here on Thursday. 42 gold medals came India's way as Sri Lanka (12) and Japan (8) did the catching up.

Thailand's Somsanga Boonnok bagged a double by winning the 80 metres hurdles and triple jump in the women 50+ category.

India's Dinesh Rawat, in the 35+ category, picked up his second gold, while S. Esaki Madan hurled the javelin to a distance of 36.18m for the gold in the 65+ category.

The results (winners only): Men: 35+: 400m: Dinesh Rawat (Ind) 52.3s; 5000m: Subashi Chander (Ind) 18:01.3s; Javelin: Khurshed Ahmed Khan (Nep) 58.43m.

40+: 400m: Sahibe Alam (Ind) 54.4s; 5000m: K. Ranasinghe (SL) 16:26.0s; Javelin: Sushil Kumar (Ind) 52.40mt; Triple jump: Dr. Sukhdev Singh (Ind) 12.61m.

45+: 400m: D.S. Gnanadasa (SL) 55.7s; 5000m: Niwat Oithip (Tha) 17:08.3s; Javelin: Nirmal Singh (Ind) 53.87m; Triple jump: Kalita Kamlesh (Ind) 11.67m.

50+: 100m hurdles: Veerphon Khumphai (Tha) 16.1s; 400m: Bawriya Ishwar (Ind) 57.8s; 5000m: Abraham V. Thomas (Ind) 18:42.7s; Javelin: Nagrmal Moyal (Ind) 45.50m; Triple jump: Veerphon Khumphai (Tha) 11.24m.

55+: 100m hurdles: K.A.P. Ariyaratne (SL) 17.4s; 400m: N. Wikramarachchi (SL) 56.9s; 5000m: C. Selvaraj (Ind) 18:05.2s; Javelin: S. Gojen Meitei (Ind) 46.03m; Triple jump: Davinderjeet Singh (Ind) 11.09m.

60+: 100m hurdles: Lakshman Upadhyay (Ind) 18.4s; 400m: H.S. Pisal (Ind) 1:03.3s; 5000m: Xuezheng Zhu (Chn) 20:08.8s; Javelin: S.K. Tewari (Ind) 41.71m.

65+: 100m hurdles: Tekehiro Yasui (Jpn) 15.8s; 400m: Mahesh Choudhary (Ind) 1:05.8s; 5000m: Kyung Jea Lee (Kor) 20:34.5s; Javelin: S. Esaki Madan (Ind) 36.18m.

70+: 400m: Huang uan Te (Tpe) 1:12.7s; 5000m: Kunio Ichikawa (Jpn) 21:04.5s; 80m hurdles: Hardev Singh Flora (Ind) 17.6s.

75+: 400m: Hiroo Tanaka (Jpn) 1:12.6s; 5000m: Hiroshi Matsuoka (Jpn) 25:58.8s; 80m hurdles: P.S. John (Ind) 18.8s; Javelin: Darshan Singh (Ind) 31.35m.

80+: 400m: Bihari Singh (Ind) 1:22.9s; 5000m: Soichi Tamoi (Jpn) 25:13.8s; Javelin: Katsuya Aso (Jpn) 25.70m.

85+: 400m: W. Jemis (SL) 2:26.4s.

90+: 400m: Capt. C.K. Nayar (Ind) 2:26.10s; Javelin: Jade Thongruang (Tha) 14.44m.

Women: 35+: 100m hurdles: Elma Posadas (Phi) 16.2s; 400m: H.H. Tamabaralatha (SL) 1:06.5s; 5 km walk: Bandana Paul (Ind) 33:35.2s; Triple jump: G. Christy (Ind) 10.23m.

40+: 100m hurdles: Jessy Sajan (Ind) 16.7s; 400m: Saji John (Ind) 1:09.6s; 5km walk: Raj Bala (Ind) 37:25.3s; Javelin: Arlene Correya (Ind) 25.40m; Triple jump: R.M. Mangalika (SL) 9.01m.

45+: 400m: Lucy Yong (Mas) 1:16.6s; 5km walk: Ila Singh (Ind) 36:01.1s; 80m hurdles: Jagmathi (Ind) 16.8s; Triple jump: Minu Saikia (Ind) 7.87m.

50+: 400m: Kamala Srinivasan (Ind) 1:15.5s; 5km walk: M.N. Rajana Gopi (Ind) 33:38.1s; 80m hurdles: Somsanga Boonnok (Tha) 16.2s; Triple jump: Somsanga Boonnok (Tha) 9.29m.

55+: 400m: H. Jayaratne (SL) 1:17.8s; 5km walk: K. Sathyavati (Ind) 38:39.1s; 80m hurdles: K.G.G. Menike (SL) 18.1s; Triple jump: T.I.F. Karunaratne (SL) 7.68m.

60+: 400m: Manjushri Banerjee (Ind) 1:27.8s; Triple jump: R.K. Sanahanbi Devi (Ind) 6.61ms; 80m hurdles: Subadani Devi (Ind) 33.3s.

65+: 400m: W.A. Leelawathie (SL) 1:32.8s; Discus: Tomoko Kanari (Jpn) 28.48m; Triple jump: O. Rashi (Ind) 6.05m.

70+: 400m: M. Satchitananda (SL) 1:35.0s; 80m hurdles: Rongili Bora Kakoty (Ind) 38.6s; Discus: Sumiko Kodama (Jpn) 17.30m; Triple jump: Hideko Koshikawa (Jpn) 6.98ms.

75+: 400m: S. Mani Devi (Ind) 2:05.8s; Discus: N. Momon Devi (ind) 14.00m; Triple jump: Daisy Victor (Ind) 5.37m.

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