Badminton Association of India’s prestigious Indian Badminton League will kick start in New Delhi on August 14 with Karnataka Kings taking on Hyderabad Hotshots in the lung opener.

The 18-day league tournament will be played in Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Hyderabad and Bangalore will host the semifinals, and the final will be at Mumbai on August 31.

The schedule:

Delhi: Aug 14: Karnataka Kings vs. Hyderabad Hotshots (4 pm), Pune Vijetas vs. Lucknow Warriors (8 pm); Aug 15: Delhi Smashers vs. Mumbai Masters (6 pm).

Lucknow: Aug 17: Delhi Smashers vs. Pune Vijetas (4 pm), Mumbai Masters vs. Karnataka Kings (8 pm), Aug 18: Hyderabad Hotshots vs. Lucknow Warriors (6 pm).

Mumbai: Aug 19: Delhi Smashers vs. Karnataka Kings (8 pm), Aug 20: Pune Vijetas vs. Mumbai Masters (6 pm).

Pune: Aug 21: Hyderabad Hotshots vs. Delhi Smashers (4 pm), Lucknow Warriors vs. Mumbai Masters (8 pm), Aug 22: Pune Vijetas vs. Karnakata Kings (6 pm).

Bangalore: Aug 24: Hyderabad Hotshots vs. Mumbai Masters (8 pm), Aug 25: Karnataka Kings vs. Lucknow Warriors (6 pm).

Hyderabad: Aug 26: Lucknow Warriors vs. Delhi Smashers (8 pm), Aug 27: Hyderabad Hotshots vs. Pune Vijetas (6 pm).

Hyderabad: Aug 28: 1st semifinal (8 pm), Bangalore: Aug 29: 2nd semifinal (8 pm),

Mumbai: Aug 31: Final (8 pm).

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