MUMBAI: Professionals voice their opinions on the Vandrevala Foundation. Sprinters' Cup and the Vandrevala Foundation Stayers' Cup:

RICHARD HUGHES: For the Sprinters' Cup — Forest Flair or Sea Ruler, probably Forest Flair; I don't know the Stayers' field, to be honest.

ARJUN MANGALORKAR: I give Forest Flair the first chance and Diamond Hunter the second chance. In the Stayers' Cup, my ward Conceptual should win from Maseeha.

SILVESTRE DE SOUSA: My horse in the Sprinters' Cup is going to run very well — Diamond Hunter — so in the Stayers' Cup as well, Maseeha.

MAGANSINGH JODHA: The Sprinters' Cup should be between Forest Flair and Sea Ruler; the Stayers' Cup should be between Maseeha and Conceptual.

BHARAT SINGH: The Sprinters' Cup — I like Forest Flair; the Stayers' Cup — leave that open.

SURAJ NARREDU: The Sprinters' Cup — I give first chance to my horse Sprint Star, who has worked well and is in top condition. The Stayers' looks an open race but should be between Maseeha and Classerville.

KARTHIK GANAPATHY: For the Sprinters', my horse Forest Flair; in the Stayers', I think Conceptual has a very good chance.

IMTIAZ SAIT: Both are open and anybody's race….

S. PADMANABHAN: Forest Flair would be my first choice but Palazzio's Sun should be very close at the finish. Maseeha and Classerville may fight out the Stayers'.

P. SHROFF: Forest Flair should win the Sprinters'. The Stayers' race is between Maseeha and Conceptual.

M.P.MAHESH: I think Forest Flair will win Sprinters', while Stayers' looks an open race.

S.NARREDU: Sprint Star may upset all calculations. Spark Of Gold may cause upset in Stayers' Cup.

J.S.DHARIWAL: Forest Flair should score. For Stayers' Cup, I think it is Classerville

NARENDRA LAGAD: Sea Ruler may win, while our western India horse Maseeha will win the Stayers.

HARESH N.MEHTA: Sea Ruler and Forest Flair should fight it out. Maseeha is my choice for Stayers.

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