BANGALORE: Sinclair Marshall was elected as the President of the Jockeys Association of India at its annual general body meeting held here on Tuesday. The following are the office-bearers and council members for the year 2006-07.

President: Sinclair Marshall. Vice-Presidents: S. Kapoor, Y. S. Srinath and S. Rajesh. Treasurer: Faisal M. Ismail.

Council members: Calcutta Chapter: P. Alford , R. V. Gowli, M. Reuben, E. Smith and S. Shanker. Bombay Chapter: Malcolm Kharadi, C. Ruzaan, F. Irani, S. N. Chavan, J. Chinoy and R. Shelar. Hyderabad Chapter: B. Shanker, B. V. Krishnan, D. Singh, K. Ganesh, A. Imran Khan and R. B. Shinde. Delhi Chapter: Rohit Chauhan, Neeraj Pandey, S. A. Shah, Imran Khan, Anil Kumar Dabur, Rajinder, G. S. Shekawat and Pavan Sharma. Bangalore Chapter: L. Marshall, L. Nagesh, R. Marshall, P. Krishna and Arun Rao.

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