Mumbai: Pillatus (McCullagh up) won the Thanksgiving Trophy, the feature event of the races held here on Thursday (Feb.22). The winner is owned by Mr. Jaydev M.Mody rep. J.M. L'stock P.Ltd. B. Chenoy trains the winner.

1. ROCK CONCERT PLATE: Gold Biscuit (C.Rajendra) 1, Ponte Romano (M. Narredu) 2, Light My Fire (D. K. Ashish) 3 and Viceroy (Rupesh) 4. Rs. 15 (w), 11 and 25 (p). SHP: Rs. 34, FP: Rs. 39, Q: Rs. 41, Tanala: Rs. 31 and Rs. 17.Owners: M/s. Dilip R.Jain, Mr. G.S.Uppal rep. Uppal's Horse Br. & Rac. Co Pvt Ltd & Mr. R.S.Mehta. Trainer: A. Hussain.

2. THANKSGIVING TROPHY: Pillatus (McCullagh) 1, Spiritual Flame (M.Narredu) 2, Uruj (T.S.Jodha) 3 and Ka Ching (Ruzaan) 4. Rs. 12 (w), 11, 14 and 28 (p). SHP: Rs. 31, FP: Rs. 25, Q: Rs. 15, Tanala: Rs. 94 and Rs. 46. Owners: Mr. Jaydev M.Mody rep. J.M.L'stock P.Ltd. Trainer: B. Chenoy.

3. SION F.NESSIM PLATE (Div.II): Sea Sand (Pereira) 1, Habit (V.Jodha) 2, Wells Fargo (Zameer) 3 and Thunderella (C.S.Jodha) 4. Rs. 62 (w), 19, 27 and 38 (p). SHP: Rs. 74, FP: Rs. 882,Q: Rs. 628, Tanala: Rs. 2,630 and Rs. 3,663.Owners: Mr. Haresh N.Mehta rep. Rohan Bloodstock Pvt Ltd. Trainer: Bharath Singh.

4. PERTIGALETE PLATE : Ponyta (N.Alam) 1, Born To Lead (C.Rajendra) 2, Nuncio (V.Jodha) 3 and Alaskan Zone (Kamlesh) 4. Not run: The Praetorian and Intimacy. Rs. 209 (w), 56 and 11 (p). SHP: Rs. 19, FP: Rs. 1,396, Q: Rs.103, Tanala: Rs. 2,004 and Rs. 859.Owner: Mr. Hirak Satyendra Das. Trainer: Asad Siddiqui.

5. SION F.NESSIM PLATE (Div.I): Acton Town (S.Chinoy) 1, Black Warrior (M.Narredu) 2, Return Of The King (Bhadke) 3 and Discover (Baria) 4. Rs. 30 (w), 15, 13 and 22 (p). SHP: Rs. 37, FP: Rs. 38, Q: Rs. 27, Tanala: Rs. 256 and Rs. 161.

(Note: Originally Bonny Light finished third. There was a Stewards inquiry conducted into the running of this race and it was observed that jockey Harish (Bonny Light up) shifted in very dangerously on the rails in the last 400m due to which Red Mesa (T.S.Jodha astride) who was running on the rails got a severe check and dislodged the rider. The Stewards decided to disqualify Bonny Light and revised the order as above.) Owners: Pink Panther Racing Syndicate. Trainer: Narendra Lagad.

6. REVELATION TROPHY : Royal Princess (McCullagh) 1, Flying Rani (Kharadi) 2, Patroclus (C.S.Jodha) 3 and Julpha (D.K.Ashish) 4. Rs. 16 (w), 11 and 67 (p). SHP: Rs. 89, FP: Rs. 221, Q: Rs. 121, Tanala: Rs. 380 and Rs. 103.Owners: Mr. D.Khaitan rep. Soom Stud Farm Pvt Ltd, Mr. S.M.Ruia & Mr.D.A.Nanda rep. Arion Horse Co P.Ltd. Trainer: P.Shroff.

7. ICH DIEN PLATE : Fiddlers Ferry (M.Narredu) 1, La Tremolo (Aadesh) 2, Incroyable (A.Agarwal) 3 and Esperante (C.S.Jodha) 4. Not run: Magical Morn. Rs. 19 (w), 14 and 19 (p). SHP: Rs. 38, FP: Rs. 35, Q: Rs. 22, Tanala: Rs.178 and Rs. 90. Owners: Dr. Ravinder Reddy, M/s. Janak Ram Jethmalani & Aqeel Ali. Trainer: Nina Lalvani. Jackpot: 70 per cent: Rs. 20,208 (22 tkts); 30 per cent: Rs. 4,885 (39 tkts).

Treble: Rs. 100 (872 tkts).

Super Jackpot: 70 per cent: Rs. 7,378 (14 tkts); 30 per cent: Rs. 1,581 (28 tkts).

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