Pune: Jalapeno showed out when the horses were exercised here on Monday morning (Aug. 7).

Sand track:

600m: Vanilla Sky (T. S. Jodha) 42.5. Easy.

800m: Newfoundland (B. Prakash) 56, 600/41.5. Moved freely. Orlando Bloom (B. Prakash) 56, 600/41.5. Easy. Fiery Fortune (F. Aaron), Pampered Princess (Dasrath) 56, 600/40. They moved freely. Born Destiny (J. Chinoy), Jubilation (Rupesh) 52.5, 600/40. They moved neck and neck freely. Jalapeno (S. Chinoy), Dynamical (C. Rajendra) 52.5, 600/39.5. Former easily finished six lengths ahead. Note.

1,000m: Amanat (C. S. Jodha) 1-12.5, 600/45.5. Easy.

Gate practice Sand track:

1,000m: Golden Triangle (C. Rajendra), Sea Storm (rb) 1-13, 600/43. Former better. Bright Side (M. Narredu), Zest (rb) 1-9, 800/53, 600/40.5. They were urged and ended level. Oprah (S. Chinoy), Leonora (Rupesh) 1-10, 800/54, 600/41. Former trounced the latter. Arma (T. S. Jodha), Endless Stride (C. S. Jodha) 1-11, 800/54.5, 600/42. They jumped out well.

Vijaypat Singhania resigns

Dr. Vijaypat Singhania resigned as member of the Managing Committee of the RWITC. Mr. Vivek Jain, Chairman, Marketing & Public Relations, RWITC, said: "It is unfortunate that a man of Dr. Singhania's stature had to go, but it was also in a way good for the Club as he was trying to close down the race course".

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