MYSORE: Guided Missile (Appu up), won the Karnataka Racehorse Owners Association Cup, the chief event of the races held here on Wednesday (Feb.28). The winner is the joint property of Mr. S. Narredu, Kr. Digvijay Singh Shekhawat & Mr. T. Ramakrishna. S.Narredu trains the winner.

The results:

1.VESUVIUS PLATE (Div II): Buddy (A.R. Mani) 1, Son Of Brenhines (Melvyn) 2, Jasmine Star (M. Suresh) 3 and Fantasy Girl (Jagadeesh) 4. Not run: Soul Music.Rs.23 (w), 11, 26 & 22 (p), FP: Rs.156, Q: Rs.109, SHP: Rs.75, Trinalla: Rs.262 & Rs.116.Owners: Ms. Satya Sinha, Dr. K.N. Priyanka & Dr. Shardul Sinha. Trainer: Natraj.

2.KHANDALA PLATE: Faster Than Light (A.R. Mani) 1, Son Of Fortune (Christopher) 2, Al Jazeera (M.F. Ali Khan) 3 and Special Request (Arun Rao) 4. Rs.61 (w), 17, 14 & 24 (p), FP: Rs.153, Q: Rs.41, SHP: Rs.50, Trinalla: Rs.473 & Rs.244.Owners: Ms. Satya Sinha & Dr. Shardul Sinha. Trainer: Natraj.

3.VESUVIUS PLATE (Div I): Little Genny (Arun Rao) 1, Captivated (Harsha) 2, Twin Power (Mahendran) 3 and Beyond The Law (Vivek) 4. Not run: One Good Thing. Rs.38 (w), 15, 37 & 37 (p), FP: Rs.252, Q: Rs.165, SHP: Rs. 129, Trinalla: Rs.2,926 & Rs.975.Owner: Mr. S.M. Attaollahi. Trainer: Vishal Yadav.

4.SRIHARIKOTA PLATE (Div II): No Opposition (Christopher) 1, Ek Ek Ek (A.R. Mani) 2, Star Danzig (Gnaneshwar) 3 and Blushing Star (Rajesh Babu) 4. Not run: Urban Legend. Rs.29 (w), 15, 18 & 20 (p), FP: Rs.117, Q: Rs.103, SHP: Rs.52, Trinalla: Rs.262 & Rs.76. Owner: Mrs. H.S. Gill. Trainer: Warren.

5.SIMHAGHAD PLATE: Black Cat (Gaurav Sapra) 1, Tarragona (Mansoor) 2, Differential (S. Ramesh) 3 and Feel My Heart (A.R. Mani) 4. Rs.63 (w), 21, 30 & 32 (p), FP: Rs.1,171, Q: Rs.285, SHP: Rs.82, Trinalla: Rs.2,910 & Rs.3,117, Exacta: Rs.301 (Carried over).Owner & Trainer: Mr. Sandhu G.

6.KARNATAKA RACEHORSE OWNERS ASSOCIATION CUP: Guided Missile (Appu) 1, Heros Dominance (Jagadeesh) 2, Sterling Magic (Gnaneshwar) 3 and Shooting Venus (Christopher) 4. Rs.21 (w), 13, 32 & 23 (p), FP: Rs.174, Q: Rs.119, SHP: Rs.101, Trinalla: Rs.411 & Rs.183. Owners: Mr. S. Narredu, Kr. Digvijay Singh Shekhawat & Mr. T. Ramakrishna. Trainer:S. Narredu .

7.SUVARNAVATHY PLATE: Super Strike (Christopher) 1, Dangerous Illusion (Gnaneshwar) 2, Aberlour (A.R.

Mani) 3 and Sense Of Style (Appu) 4. Rs.43 (w), 17, 49 & 31 (p), FP: Rs.657, Q: Rs.413, SHP: Rs.160, Trinalla: Rs.3,377 & Rs.5,788, Exacta: Rs.9,786 (Carried over).Owner: Mr. Md. Mustafa Nawaz Khan. Trainer: Sharat Kumar.

8.SRIHARIKOTA PLATE (Div I): Deltic Star (Jagadeesh) 1, For Sure (Christopher) 2, Royal Mirchi (M. Suresh) 3 and Mauritius Star (Mahendran) 4. Rs.36 (w), 18, 20 & 50 (p), FP: Rs.185, Q: Rs.114, SHP: Rs.55, Trinalla: Rs.5,429 & Rs.1,293.Owner: Mr. C. Ramaiah. Trainer: Narendra.

Treble: (i): Rs.2,309 (10 tkts); (ii) Rs.1,189 (47 tkts).

Mini Jackpot: Rs.15,600 (Carried over).

Jackpot: Rs.57,163 (Five tkts). Runner up: Rs.1,021 (120 tkts).

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