BANGALORE: Fort Knox (Christopher up) won the Varada Cup, the feature event of the races held here on Friday (March 2). The winner is the joint property of M/s. Hoosain S. Nensey, J.K. Rattonsey & Mr. Farouq Rattonsey rep. Aleppo Bloodstock Pvt Limited. Padmanabhan trains the winner.

The results:

1.MARCH PLATE (Div II): Ciboney (Suraj Narredu) 1, Mother's Pride (A. Imran Khan) 2, Beauty Dancer (Harish) 3 and Living Free (Appu) 4. Rs.83 (w), 14, 14 & 10 (p), FP: Rs.432, Q: Rs.73, SHP: Rs.23, Trinalla: Rs.167 & Rs.61.

Owners: Dr. & Mrs. Vijay Mallya rep. United Racing & Bloodstock Breeders Ltd. Trainer: Dhariwal.

2.OCTOGONAL PLATE (Div II): Footstepsinthesky (Shobhan) 1, Southerner (S. Selvaraj) 2, Wile Wench (M. Narredu) 3 and Artic Princess (Mahendran) 4. Not run: Flashy Phantom. Rs.18 (w), 12, 21 & 18 (p), FP: Rs.44, Q: Rs.46, SHP: Rs.66, Trinalla: Rs.124 & Rs.49.Owners: Mr. Jagdish Chhabria & Mr. P.V. Shah rep. Easy Rider Tho'bred Inv. Pv. Ltd. Trainer: Mangalorkar.

3.RAMNAGAR PLATE: Azazel (Sreekanth) 1, Exclusive Lady (Christopher) 2, Bellezza (A. Imran Khan) 3 and Destiny Dame (S. Rajesh) 4. Rs.775 (w), 98, 28 & 26 (p), FP: Rs.5,076, Q: Rs.5,040, SHP: Rs.85, Trinalla: Rs.18,249 & Rs.7,821, Exacta: Rs.71,520 (Carried over). Owners: M/s. Prakash P. Gaonkar & G. Suresh Raj. Trainer: Lokanath.

4.VARADA CUP: Fort Knox (Christopher) 1, Mid Summer Star (Ashwin Rao) 2, India Shining (Md. Shafiq) 3 and Royal Assault (Gnaneshwar) 4. Rs.29 (w), 13, 31 & 93 (p), FP: Rs.208, Q: Rs.117, SHP: Rs.91, Trinalla: Rs.1,132 & Rs.1,116. Owners: M/s. Hoosain S. Nensey, J.K. Rattonsey & Mr. Farouq Rattonsey rep. Aleppo Bloodstock Pvt Limited. Trainer: Padmanabhan.

5. TUMKUR PLATE (Div II): Dinesa (S. Selvaraj) 1, Worth A Million (Appu) 2, Matter Of Opinion (Jagadeesh) 3 and Brave Bheem (Gnaneshwar) 4. Rs.122 (w), 25, 16 & 14 (p), FP: Rs.1,027, Q: Rs.164, SHP: Rs.46, Trinalla: Rs.1,110 & Rs.302. Owners: Yeshwant Stud & Agricultural Farm Pv. Ltd. Trainer: I. Ghatala.

6.MARCH PLATE (Div I): Sugar Brown (B. Paswan) 1, Blink (Christopher) 2, Flaming Lamborgini (M. Narredu) 3 and How Nice (Harish) 4. Rs.21 (w), 13, 18 & 20 (p), FP: Rs.45, Q: Rs.31, SHP: Rs.49, Trinalla: Rs.210 & Rs.138, Exacta: Rs.688 & Rs.236.Owners: M/s. D. Shailesh Shivaswamy, Dayananda Pai. P, K. Venkatesh Nayak & K. Harish Nayak. Trainer: I. Ghatala.

7. OCTOGONAL PLATE (Div I): Rapid Response (Appu) 1, Damgood (Suraj Narredu) 2, Mystic Force (A. Imran Khan) 3 and Regal Music (Md. Shoaib) 4. Rs.27 (w), 12, 14 & 17 (p), FP: Rs.51, Q: Rs.22, SHP: Rs.35, Trinalla: Rs.87 & Rs.54, Exacta: Rs.376 & Rs.199. Owner: Mr. Rajan Aggarwal. Trainer: S. Britto.

8.TUMKUR PLATE (Div I): Alejandros (S. Selvaraj) 1, Alagi (Sreekanth) 2, Bravo Bedford (Gaurav Sapra) 3 and Thursday Nite (Harish) 4. Rs.108 (w), 29, 27 & 28 (p), FP: Rs.428, Q: Rs.164, SHP: Rs.72, Trinalla: Rs.1,356 & Rs.813, Exacta: Rs.15,314 & Rs.8,751.Owners: M/s. D. Shailesh Shivaswamy, Dayananda Pai. P, S. Mohan Raju & Mrs. Anupama. Trainer: I. Ghatala.

Treble: Rs.5,767 (12 tkts).

Mini Jackpot: Rs.1,499 (25 tkts).

Jackpot: Rs.38,667 (14 tkts). Runner up: Rs.1,234 (188 tkts).

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