Pune: Aquilo and Rococo caught the eye when the horses were exercised here on Friday morning (July 20).

Training track:

600m: Hotstepper (T.S.Jodha) 39.5. Moved freely. Ponte Romano (Bernard) 41.Easy. Giacosa (T.Mahesh) 41. Easy. Star Gesture (M.R.Singh) (1200/600) 39.Moved well. Roman Ruler (M.R.Singh) 41. Easy.

800m: Orlando Bloom (M.R.Singh) 56.5, 600/42.5. Moved freely. Paris Hilton (Bernard) 56.5, 600/43.5. Easy. Desert Dust (Shailesh), Dance Maestro (T.S.Jodha) 53.5, 600/40. They moved level freely. Private Eye (C.S.Jodha), Hoofbeats (Rathore) 54, 600/40. They were easy and finished level. Multicultural (M.R.Singh) 56, 600/41.5. Easy. Mazan (Shailesh), Uruj (T.S.Jodha) 53.5, 600/40. Former moved well while the latter was pushed to end level. Aquilo (M.Narredu), Rococo (Kharadi) 53, 600/40. They were well in hand and finished level. Annot (T.Mahesh) 54.5, 600/40. Shaped well. Priapus (I.Pasha), Hawke Bay (M.Narredu) 53.5, 600/39. Pair level. The Complete Man (Bernard) 57, 600/43.5. Varun (Harish) 53, 600/40.5. Urged in the last part. Montalvo (M.Narredu), Heifitz (Kharadi) 55.5, 600/41.5. Both were easy. Precision (Shelar) 53, 600/40. Moved fluently. Terre Blanche (M.Narredu), Timeless Memories (T.Mahesh) 52.5, 600/40. Former ended three lengths in front. Gaea (T.Mahesh), Ptolemy (Kharadi) 55.5, 600/41.5. Both were level. Mejestical (M.R.Singh) 54, 600/41. Improving. Covenant (T.Mahesh), Puerto Cabello (I.Pasha) 57, 600/41.5. Pair easy. Charlie Parker (Chowghule), Enaksi (Merchant) 50, 600/38. They were pushed and former finished four lengths ahead. Cincinnati (rb) 54, 600/41.5. Moved freely.Siberian Siren (rb), Maverick (Pradeep) 58, 600/43. Pair level. Can Can (rb), Rhapsody In Red (T.S.Jodha) 56, 600/41. Both were easy. Glory Of The Family (rb), Quest For Justice (rb) 56, 600/44. They finished level. Red Revelation (C.Rajendra) 55, 600/40. Urged.

1000m: Bloom (Bernard), Mickey Mantle (C.S.Jodha) 1-9, 600/41.5. Former was two lengths superior. Up North (Bernard), Pure Devotion (C.S.Jodha) 1-10, 800/54, 600/41. Former better. The Hurricane (C.Rajendra) 1-9.5, 600/41. Moved well. Star Conquest (Riyaz) 1-8.5, 600/41.5. Moved attractively. The Right Man (Harish) 1-8, 600/40. Pressed. Princess Sameerah (Merchant), Hot Talent (Harish) 1-13, 600/44. Pair level. Thundering Hero (Shelar), Amenable (rb) 1-10.5, 800/55, 600/40.5. Former superior.

1200m: Fair Tactics (Riyaz), Raudo (C.Rajendra) 1-24.5, 800/55, 600/42. They moved level freely. Touch The Sky (Harish), Red Indian (M.Narredu) 1-24, 600/43. Former made up three lengths and finished level.

Gate practice: training track:

1000m: Beyond Therapy (rb), On Call (rb) and Da Vinci (rb) 1-12, 600/43.First named was the pick. Sea Gull (D.K.Ashish) 1-9, 600/41. Jumped out well and moved freely. Arch Rival (C.S.Jodha), Star Strike (Rathore) and Sea Monarch (rb) 1-9, 600/42.5. Arch Rival finished four lengths ahead of Star Strike who further finished eight lengths ahead of Sea Monarch.

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