NEW DELHI: The Hockey Punjab Secretary, Pargat Singh, and Hockey Delhi Convenor Amrit Bose have sought Government intervention in holding of the “promised” elections to form Hockey India.

At a press conference here, Pargat and Ms Bose stressed on the “autonomy” factor the Indian Olympic Association has been “harping” about.

Ms Bose said: “IOA talks about its autonomy but what about hockey. Allow us to form a body and have election to Hockey India at the earliest. The IOA is answerable to the current state of affairs.”

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) had asked the IOA to conduct elections to form Hockey India latest by May 31.

“We fear the IOA will not meet the deadline. In this politics of votes, hockey is suffering. We don't know who to approach — the Government, the IOA or the ad hoc body that runs hockey in the country,” said Pargat.

Pargat continued, “The World Cup was over almost two months ago but we have not moved one inch closer to holding Hockey India elections. I suspect things are getting out of hand. The IOA is busy putting its own people in important positions to garner votes whenever the elections happen.

“I don't understand why the Government is silent despite our repeated representations. As a hockey player I am completely disillusioned.”

Mrs. Bose and Pargat reiterated, “Our fight is against the system and not individuals. People are creating a situation for sports to die in India. If steps are not taken immediately, it would only get worse.

“Let the IOA talk of autonomy only when it restores the autonomy of its state units.” — Special Correspondent

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