S.R. Suryanarayan

CHENNAI: Geet Sethi was on song, Pankaj Advani showed his class while defending champion Alok Kumar and Devendra Joshi faced some opposition but all of them progressed to the last sixteen stage in the snooker event of the LIC-BSNL National billiards and snooker championship here on Monday.

Joining them were Yasin Merchant and Ashok Shandilya, among others. However, the promising Sourav Kothari, who flattered to deceive in the billiards event earlier, was ousted by Chennai's Siddharth Rao, a former champion, who incidentally is the only champion from Tamil Nadu. Sourav's wretched form coupled with the rival's hard working nature paved way for his exit. It was an impressive four frames to nil win for Siddharth.

Flashes of brilliance

Geet, who had been at the receiving end for most part of the tournament, unfolded glimpses of his capability against Arpit Seith of Chandigarh. A picture of concentration, Geet started off well and came to his own in the second frame with a break of 88. It was smooth sailing from there.

On another table Pankaj repeatedly raised applause with his sure touch and free flowing potting.

The results: Round of 32:

Manan Chandra (PSPB) bt Umar Humayoon (J&K) 105-17, 56-13, 80-6, 68-26; Siddharth Rao (TN) bt Sourav Kothari (PSPB) 70-18, 84-0, 79-41, 62-33; Faizal Khan (Del) bt Sandeep Gulati (Del) 85-41, 69-21, 70-22, 90-17; Aditya Goenka (WB) bt Chirag Ramakrishnan (Mah) 16-8, 58-54, 28-69, 74-16, 47-66, 71-29, 74-47; Yasin Merchant (Mah) bt Subrata Das (Ors) 97-0, 63-50, 62-7, 69-34; Siddharth Anand (Del) bt Shakeel Ahmed (WB) 50-33, 99-1, 83-2, 55-36; Ashok Shandilya (Rly) bt B. Bhaskar (Kar) 58-24, 40-54, 9-67, 72-25, 43-34, 65-34; S. Neeraj Kumar (Bih) bt Rupesh Shah (Guj) 28-61, 65-52, 8-59, 45-81, 65-25, 63-49, 70-20; Geet Sethi (Guj) bt Arpit Seith (Chd) 80-39, 103-1, 68-24, 98-8; Pankaj Advani (PSPB) bt Omar Balsara (Mah) 67-25, 76-51, 87-20, 34-64, 73-11; Devendra Joshi (PSPB) bt Sumit Talwar (Chd) 77-41, 25-76, 63-56, 70-26, 36-72, 58-10; Alok Kumar (PSPB) bt Harish Gandhi (MP) 47-80, 60-40, 79-28, 98-33, 68-41.

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