Chennai: Five players shared the lead at the end of the eighth round of the TDCA-CPCL Manali FIDE-rated chess championship, after overnight leader Venkat Sundaram lost to Balasubramaniam here on Wednesday.

In the State Women's championship, J. Saranya leads the field with 6.5 points from seven rounds.

The results (eighth round): R. Balasubramaniam (ICF) 7 bt Venkat Sundaram (SRM) 7, T. Gowtham (AP) 6 lost to C. Praveen Kumar (ICF) 7, G. Akash (TN) 6 lost to D.P. Singh (S. Rly) 7, R. Bharathi (TN) 6.5 drew with K. Gunasekaran (OICF) 6.5, P. Lokesh (TN) 6 lost to M. Vinoth Kumar (TN) 7, M. Vijay Anand (TN) 6.5 drew with Yogesh Gautham (HAR) 6.5.

State Women's championship (seventh round): A. Akshaya (TVLR) 5.5 drew with J. Saranya (TVLR) 6.5, N. Akshaya (CBE) 6 bt J.G. Niveditha (CHE) 5, Savetha (CHE) 6 bt P. Nandhidhaa (NKL) 4.5, J. Mohana Priya (KAN) bt R. Visalatchi (VIR) 4.5, G.K. Monisha (CHE) 5.5 drew with P. Michelle Catherina (CHE) 4.5, Srija Seshadri (NLC) bt K. Jennitha Anto (TRI) 4 .

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