The Federation of International Cricketers Association has demanded an ICC ethics committee enquiry into L. Sivaramakrishnan’s election as a players’ representative in the governing body.

Sivaramakrishnan replaced Tim May, who is also the FICA chief executive, on the ICC Cricket Committee after a reported second vote pushed for by the BCCI.

It is alleged that May had won the initial vote 9-1, but the BCCI used its financial might to coerce the Boards of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe into asking their respective captains to vote for Sivaramakrishnan.

FICA’s legal advisor Ian Smith said the Boards were pressurised despite ICC warnings of not interfering in the secret ballot.

“In light of media reports that five ICC full member boards applied direct pressure on their captains to amend their votes in the recent elections, FICA’s official stance is that these allegations must warrant careful and independent scrutiny,” Smith was quoted as saying by ESPNCricinfo .

Smith rejected the argument that lobbying for a post should not be construed as threatening.

Special Correspondent from Mumbai reports :

Asked to make a general statement on the election of the players’ representative to the ICC Cricket Committee, Tim May emailed The Hindu saying, “I don’t want to appear to be rude, but I don’t want to specifically comment about the voting issue here; our concern here is a more general issue as to how the ICC makes decisions and whether it complied with accepted good governance or not.

“The Woolf report on the ICC’s governance was damning; this voting process is just another example of this. My concern is not whether I get voted on to the committee or not, it’s far more a general concern as to the existing governance malpractices at ICC level. We just want the game to be governed in the strongest way possible that is equitable to the ICC’s mission of making decisions based on the best interests for the game as a whole.

“Perhaps, that is an unrealistic goal, but we think it is vital for the game going forward.”

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