Bangalore: The East Cultural Institution (ECA) has made tremendous progress in making the Club culture a proficient one.

For the last 11 years, the ECA has been promoting billiards in the local circuit along with badminton and tennis. Today, after 11 long years of hosting the State-ranking handicap billiards tournament with the support of the current set of office-bearers, the association has gone a step further with a National invitation event that has brought forward the best of the talent available in the country.

Geet Sethi, along with Pankaj Advani, have made it to the tournament. Rupesh Shah of Gujarat, Dhruv Sitwala from Maharashtra, Sourav Kothari from Kolkata and Kamal Chawla of the Railways, with their immediate confirmation, have made the event a lot larger.

“Every ranked player is on par in these handicap tournaments. It works well and also bad for us… but most importantly, it’s where we belong,” said Kothari, talking on behalf of himself and three others — Sitwala, Shah and B. Bhaskar.

However, Sethi, Devendra Joshi and Advani could not make it for the meet the players session.

“12 years and we have progressed,” said Suresh Panicker, secretary of the ECA. “Our billiards hall is amongst the best and hopefully we will have a lot more of international billiards events here,” added Mr. Panicker. — Special Correspondent

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