The Tamil Nadu Tennis Association has pleaded with the All India Tennis Association to not penalise the State Associations which conduct international events by insisting on royalty money from them, and suggested that the national body should find an alternate revenue model to raise funds.

Responding to the latest communication from the AITA following decisions taken by the Executive Committee that State Associations hosting Challengers held by the National federation would be charged a royalty of Rs.50,000, and be given added voting rights as per the Constitution, the TNTA has stated that no money ought to be charged as the AITA did not support the events in any way.

Interestingly, the AITA has specified that State units conducting Challenger events by dealing with the ATP on their own would still have to pay Rs.100,000, and will not be eligible for any additional votes.

The TNTA claims that the royalty of Rs.100,000 was unfair as it was in direct communication with the ATP with regard to the conduct of the Challengers without any help from the AITA.

“AITA does not give TNTA any additional votes for our 250-point tournament (the Chennai Open), and hence we are not really concerned about the votes for the Challengers,” the TNTA has declared in its communication to the AITA.

It has also asked the AITA to help other State units by giving 10 per cent of the prize money as subsidy, to enable the conduct of major tournaments.

On its part, the AITA has encouraged the State units to conduct ITF tournaments, by assuring that it would grant Rs.150,000 for each event, apart from helping the units claim Rs.221,000 from the Union Government, provided that there was no profit from the events.

However, it has been stressed that the State units would henceforth have to pay 10 per cent of the prize money to ITF as “sanction fee” and another 10 per cent to the AITA as royalty.

Pointing out that there was nothing mentioned about television coverage and subsidy being granted pertaining to coverage on Doordarshan, the TNTA has asked whether it was free to contact private television channels to organise the telecast of Futures and Challenger events.

  • AITA seeks Rs.50,000 for Challenger events held by it, offers additional voting rights

  • TNTA says fee of Rs.100,000 for Challengers hosted by state associations unfair

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