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Sethuraman defeats Sharath in 44 moves

Lalith Babu outplays Gursher Singh

TADEPALLIGUDEM: Kerala’s Mohammad Dilshad created ripples at the National junior (u-19) chess championship by holding World under-16 gold medalist and National ‘B’ champion Adhiban (Elo 2439) to a draw at Sasi Institute of Technology and Engineering hall here on Monday.

Adhiban employed Queen’s Indian defence and outplayed Dilshad in the middle game with his knights and queen and gained advantage.

But he went for a quick ending by exchanging all his active pieces. Dilshad cleverly his used his rook to occupy the 7th rank which paved way for a draw.

In the boys’ section, top seed and International Master S.P. Sethuraman (Elo 2441) defeated his state-mate E. Sharath in 44 moves after a three-hour long tussle.

Playing whites, Sethuraman took advantage of the Sharath’s passive 11th move and in the 14th move, he took control on the centre and forced Sharath to resign in the 44th move.

International Master M.R. Lalith Babu of AP outplayed unseeded Gursher Singh of Punjab in 47 moves. Lalith, playing whites, transformed the game into Queen’s Gambit declined and in the 15th move he got the queens exchanged. This move enabled him to gain the upper hand against his rival. After considerable material loss, Gursher bowed out.

Important results: Boys (1st round): S.P. Sehturaman (TN) 1 bt E. Sharath (TN); B. Adhiban (TN) 0.5 drew with Mohammad Dilshad (Ker) 0.5; Ashwin Jayaram (TN) 1 bt Shriwas Bhushan (Mah); A. Garg (Pun) lost to P. Karthekeyan (TN) 1; Narayanan Srinath (TN) 1 bt Sai Prahalad (TN); Syed Rehman Nazeer (Kel) lost to Swapanil Dhopade 1 (Mah); Iyer Siddharth (Mah) lost to S. Nitin (TN) 1; M.R. Lalith babu (AP) bt Singh Gursher (Pun); Vasanth (TN) lost to Syam Nikhil (TN) 1; Rahul Sangma (Del) 1 bt Nitul Khare (TN).

J. Yohan (Kel) 0 lost to Arun Karthik (TN) 1; Akshat Khamparia (MP) 1 bt Megharaj (Kar); Grover Sahaj (Del) bt T. Viswanath (TN); S. Sivanasen (Pon) lost to Vishnu Prasanna (TN) 1.

Girls: Shristi Gautham (Bih) lost to Padmini Rout (Ori) 1; Kiran Manisha Mohanty (Ori) 1 bt Adyasha Patnaik (Ori); Anjana Phalgunan (Kel) lost to R. Preethi (TN) 1; Divysri (AP) 1 bt Dixit Sayali (Mah); Hinduja Reddy (AP) lost to P. Uthara (TN) 1; Raghavi (TN) 1 bt Uma Kumari (AP).

Kavya Srishti (AP) lost to Devangi (Mah) 1; Mithali Madhukar (Mah) 1 bt Kedareswari (AP); K. Suhanthi (AP) lost to J. Saranya (TN) 1; Tejaswini Reddy (AP) 1 bt Lavanya (AP); M. Divya (AP) lost to S. Harini (TN) 1; P.K. Jayashree (TN) 1 b R. Nayanthara (Ker).

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