ONGOLE: National Games champion Delhi and Punjab entered the men's final of the 26th senior National netball championship for men and women here on Tuesday.

In the semifinals, Delhi defeated Chhattisgarh 37-25, with Kiranpal Rana scoring 33 goals. Punjab's Rajpal Singh played a significant rule in his team's 36-22 victory over Haryana.

In the women's section, Andhra Pradesh, Chandigarh, Haryana and Tamil Nadu have made it to the last four.

In the match of the day, Andhra Pradesh defeated Chhattisgarh in a see-saw battle. The teams were tied 25-25 at the end of regulation time and in the five-minute tiebreaker, A.P. scored five goals against Chhattisgarh's four to register a narrow 30-29 win. A.P.'s star performer was international Monalisa, who scored 22 goals.

The results: Men (semifinals): Delhi bt Chhattisgarh 37-25; Punjab bt Haryana 36-22.

Quarterfinals: Chhattisgarh bt A.P. 26-17; Haryana bt Rajasthan 26-21; Punjab bt Chandigarh 38-8; Delhi bt Tamil Nadu 28-7.

Women (quarterfinals): A.P. bt Chhattisgarh 30-29; Chandigarh bt Delhi 15-6; Haryana bt Karnataka 23-8; Tamil Nadu bt Punjab 13-11.

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