NEW DELHI: Deep Sengupta overpowered Swedish Grandmaster and the 2003 European ladies' champion Pia Cramling in 55 moves to reach six points from eight rounds of the Gibtelecom Masters chess tournament at Gibraltar on Wednesday.

Deep is part of a 12-player group that follows the leaders Vladimir Akopian and Yuri Kuzubov at 6.5 points each. Sandipan Chanda posted an expected victory over South Africa's Kenny Soloman .

The results (involving Indians, eighth round): Kiril Georgiev (Bul, 6) bt R.B. Ramesh (5); Pia Cramling (Swe, 5) lost to Deep Sengupta (6); Sarunas Sulskis (Ltu, 6) bt Nisha Mohota (5); Kenny Soloman (RSA, 4.5) lost to S. Chanda (5.5); T.Mohammed (Mar, 5.5) bt Tania S. (4.5). K. Ruxton (Sco, 3.5) lost to Harika (5); Vijayalakshmi (4.5) bt H. Steel (RSA, 3.5); K. Arkhamia (Geo, 4.5) bt Aarthie R.(3.5); Lars Andreassen (Nor, 3.5) drew with Prasanna Rao (4); Rudy van Kemenade (Eng, 2.5) lost to S. Meenakshi (3.5); N. Srinath (3.5) bt Joar Pettersen (Nor, 2.5).

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