HYDERABAD: Confusion prevailed in the final moments of the day’s proceedings when the Australians, led by captain Ricky Ponting, were eagerly awaiting the third umpire’s verdict on a freak run-out appeal against Board President’s XI captain Yuvraj Singh at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium here on Saturday.

Wasim Jaffer drove one from Michael Clarke straight back and the ball deflected off the bowler’s hands onto the stumps with Yuvraj struggling to regain his crease off the last ball of the day. With the Australians appealing for a run-out decision, the field umpires referred it to the third umpire.

With the lights indicating the third umpire’s decision not functioning, the field umpires delayed their decision only to get it confirmed from the third umpire who declared the batsman not out.

However, Ponting was seen gesturing to the umpires giving an impression that Yuvraj could be out. But when he was told clearly by the umpires that the batsman was not out, a disappointed Ponting left the field. — Principal Correspondent

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