Chennai: There was a storm warning but the storm never came. The wind and the sea, largely, were predictable. So was the winner.

AYC’s Rajesh Chowdhary emerged triumphant in the Laser Standard category of the National laser coastal sailing championship here on Tuesday. The champion sailor finished with 11 points, comfortably ahead of his second and third placed teammates, Dharmendra and B.K. Rout. Chowdhary ended up third in the first race of the day, but notched up the next two.

Shekhar S. Yadav (INWTC-M) and AYN’s Parvinder Singh took the first two places in the Laser Radial section. Here, RYMC Rohini Rau, the top women sailor in the competition, finished overall third. On Tuesday, she won the second race and grabbed the second place in the other two.

RBYC’s Xerxes Bamboat nailed the Laser 4.7 title. Aman Vyas (NSS) and Shweta Sadanand (TNSA), who won the girls’ category, clinched the second and third spots.

Principal Race Officer Brig. A.P. Singh said the conditions were ideal for sailing over the last four days. The 12 races were completed on schedule.

“Generally, the winds tend to fluctuate here, the wind changes direction, its strength could be different. That did not happen this time,” Brig. Singh said.

The results (final day): Laser Standard: Race 10: 1. Dharmendra Singh (AYN); 2. Jasvir Singh (AYN); 3. Rajesh Choudhary (AYN); Race 11: 1. Rajesh Choudhary (AYN); 2. D P Selvam (AYN); 3. Dharmendra Singh (AYN); Race 12: 1. Rajesh Choudhary (AYN); 2 Dharmendra Singh (AYN); 3. Harihara (AYN)

Laser Radial: Race 10: Parvinder Singh (AYN); 2. Rohini Rau (RMYC); 3. Gajendar Singh (AYN)

Race 11: 1. Rohini Rau (RMYC); 2. Ramesh Kumar (AYN); 3. SS Yadav (INWTC Mb)

Race 12: 1. Ramesh Kumar (AYN); 2. Rohini Rau (RMYC); 3. Gajendra Singh (AYN)

Laser 4.7 : Race 10: 1. Aman Vyas (NSS); 2. Shwetha Sadanand (TNSA); 3. Xerxes Bamboat (RBYC); Race 11: 1. Xerxes Bamboat (RBYC); 2. Sarav Rajavelu (TNSA); 3. Aman Vyas (NSS); Race 12: 1. Aman Vyas (NSS); 2. Sarad Singha (NSS); 3. Xerxes Bamboat (RBYC)

Final Standing in the various classes and categories: Laser Standard Rig: Rajesh Choudhary (AYN); 2. Dharmendra (AYN); 3. B. K. Rout (AYN); Laser Radial Rig: Shekar Yadav (INWTC Mb); 2. Parvinder Singh (AYN); 3. Rohini Rau (RMYC). Laser Radial Women: 1. Rohini Rau (RMYC); 2. Mrinalini Santhanam (TNSA); 3. Ayesha Lobo (RBYC). Laser 4.7 Boys: 1. Xerxes Bamboat (RBYC); 2. Aman Vyas (NSS); 3. Sarad Singha (NSS). Laser 4.7 Girls: 1. Shwetha Sadanand (TNSA); 2. Sidra (TNSA); 3. Shaila (NSS). Laser Radial Youth: 1. Mrinalini Santhanam (TNSA); 2. Ayesha Lobo (RBYC); 3. Advait Deodhar (RBYC). Laser Apprentice Master: 1. Rajesh Choudhary (AYN); 2. Harihara (AYN). — Special Correspondent

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