HYDERABAD: The Hyderabad Ranji cricketers, who signed up with the Indian Cricket League, put the blame on the Hyderabad Cricket Association for their decision to part ways.

“We had hopes of making it big. We put our heart and soul into everything. But, in the end it all came to naught,” P. Kaushik Reddy, the Ranji fast bowler who spoke on behalf of the group, said here on Wednesday.

“We had problems with the previous coach but we did not have the courage to take up the issue with the HCA top brass for the fear of being victimised,” Kaushik Reddy said.

“The most disappointing feature is the selection process for the State team.

“The good performers were given a raw deal. One batsman with a highest score of 35 got selected to play in the Challenger Trophy,” he pointed out.

Kaushik, who did most of the briefing with other signatories present (only Anirudh Singh was absent as he is in England) did not agree with the view that their decision was because they had lost all hopes of playing in higher grades of cricket.

“The MRF Pace Foundation asked the HCA to nominate two fast bowlers over the last two years. But none of us was even informed about this. It is proof that the HCA bosses were not concerned about our future,” Kaushik said.

“Even the current coach never allowed the captain the freedom which he desired. He always dictated terms from beyond the boundary line,” Kaushik said.

“It is sad that even corporate teams are getting more matches now-a-days than the regular Ranji cricketers in Hyderabad,” Kaushik added.

Rayudu was more diplomatic in his approach. “I look at the ICL as a huge opportunity to play with world class players. It is a reality check — where exactly we stand and how good we are against some of the best,” he said.

He said he would leave it to the wisdom of the HCA to comment on his ‘attitude’ problems. “My teammates know more about me,” he added.

“I don’t want to think whether if I had stayed back, and not joined ICL, I would have played for India or not. Or whether I was not given the desired support by the HCA. This is not the time to comment on that. I am excited and looking forward to the ICL matches,” he said.

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