Bangalore: Basavanagudi Aquatic Club won the team title with 462 points in the State sub-junior aquatic championship that concluded at the SAI Southern Centre pool here on Sunday.

Individual champions:

Aquatics: Boys, Group III: R. Vishak (BAC) & Vishwas Shanbagh (KCR); Group IV: R. Sanjeev (PMSC). Girls, Group III: N.B. Ashritha (PMSC); Group IV: Damini Gowda (BAC).

Diving: Boys, Group I: Aneesh Kumar (SWAC); Group II: Anirudh (SWAC); Group III: R.H. Vishal (SWAC). Girls, Group I: K. Divya (DAC); Group II: Divya Theja (DAC); Group III: Aishwarya (DAC).

The results (winners only): Aquatics: Boys: Group III: 100m butterfly: Vishwas Shanbagh (KCR), 1:15.68s; 100m backstroke: R. Vishak (BAC), 1:19.19; 50m breaststroke: S.P. Likith (BAC), 39.03; 100m freestyle: Yaqoob Saleem (PMSC), 1:09.02. Group IV: 50m butterfly: R. Sanjeev (PMSC), 35.01; 100m freestyle: R. Sanjeev (PMSC), 1:14.80.

Girls: Group III: 100m butterfly: N.B. Ashritha (PMSC), 1:19.21; 100m backstroke: B. Malavika (BAC), 1:24.97; 50m breaststroke: B.S. Minal (PMSC), 41.37; 100m freestyle: Ashritha (PMSC), 1:07.59. Group IV: 50m butterfly: Damini K. Gowda (BAC), 35.08; 100m freestyle: Damini, 1:10.06 NMR, Old: 1:10.39, Rujutha Bhat, 2006.

Diving (high board): Boys: Group I: M.M. Maju (MEG), 347.50pts; Group II: R.H. Anurudha (SWAC), 233.75.

Girls: Group II: Divya Theja (DAC), 256.35; Group III: R. Vineetha (SWAC), 178.95. — Principal Correspondent

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