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Chennai: M.B. Balakrishnan and Anusha Mehta set two new meet records each in the first day of the state senior aquatic championship here on Saturday.

M.B. Balakrishnan broke his own record that he set last year in the 50m backstroke event, and fell agonizingly short of his national record by 0.1 seconds. G. Mohan and C. Ayshwarya also acquitted themselves well, winning two events each to stay in contention for the individual championship on day one of the event.

The results: (winners only):

Men: 800m freestyle: G. Mohan (Chennai Corporation) 9:18:67; 200m butterfly: C.G. Gowtham (SDAT) 2:17:17.

50m backstroke: M.B. Balakrishnan (SDAT) 0:27:95 (NMR, OR: M.B. Balakrishnan 0:28:25); 100m breaststroke: J. Agnishwar (Turtles) 1:08:35; 200m freestyle: G. Mohan (Chennai Corporation) 2:01:00 (NMR, OR: Jayawant Vijayakumar 2:05:34.

100m backstroke: M.B. Balakrishnan (SDAT) 1:00:88 (NMR, OR: M.B. Balakrishnan 1:01:38); 50m freestyle: G. Mohan (Chennai Corporation) 0:25:76.

400m Individual medley: J. Agnishwar (Turtles) 4:44:94 (NMR, OR: J. Agnishwar: 4:49:96); 4x100m Medley relay: V. Satish, Agnishwar, Girish (Turtles) 4:14:87 (NMR, OR: Turtles: 4:16:69).

4x200m freestyle relay: Girish, Shreyas, Jaywant, Agnishwar (Turtles): 8:48:89.

Women: 800m freestyle: Anusha Mehta (ORCA) 9:57:95 (NMR, OR: A. Gulnaz Rawoof 10:08:30; 200m butterfly: S. Dharshini (CAC) 2:40:64.

50m backstroke: C. Ayshwarya (SDAT) 0:33:39; 100m breaststroke: M. Raghavi (Turtles) 1:25:61; 200m freestyle: Anusha Mehta (ORCA) 2:17:39 (NMR, OR: A. Gulnaz Rawoof 2:19:43); 100m backstroke: C. Ayshwarya (SDAT) 1:13:20.

50m freestyle: U. Aditi Malavika (CAC) 0:29:21; 4x200m freestyle relay: Aditi, Vaisali, Madhumitha, Dharshini (CAC) 9:52:24 (NMR, OR: Turtles 9:56:40; 4x100m Medley relay: Vilassini, Raghavi, Ashwathy, Gulnaz (Turtles): 5:06:52 (NMR, OR: Turtles 5:07:42).

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