The Union Sports Ministry has granted the Badminton Association of India (BAI) a grace period of 90 days to amend its constitution, fall in line with the Government guidelines and hold fresh elections.

In a letter on Thursday, the ministry wrote to the federation, which had already been put on notice about de-recognition, to state that it was being given another 90 days in the “larger interest of the sport and the sportspersons”.

The BAI has been told to amend its constitution to become compliant with the Government guidelines regarding tenure of office-bearers.

It had held its elections on June 13 and elected V.K. Verma for a fourth term as its president.

According to the guidelines, the president can have a stretch of 12 years at the most.

The ministry said that the BAI had not only gone against the guidelines but also against its own constitutional provisions.

The ministry quoted the report of the Returning Officer to point out that the true facts were never brought before him.

The ministry rebutted the claim of the BAI regarding nominations on the floor of the house and also stated that election notice was not received by several members and the Returning Officer was not appointed prior to the election process.

The BAI, according to the ministry's stand was liable for de-recognition, but a reprieve, even if temporarily, was being granted to it now.

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