The Badminton Association of India (BAI) has declared Delhi Badminton Association as “defunct” without disaffiliating it.

According to the BAI President Akhilesh Das Gupta, the DBA has “no legally elected office-bearers as per their own constitution.”

Speaking to The Hindu , Gupta said going by the copy of the registered DBA constitution available with the BAI, the DBA had not followed its own election norms (in 2010). “Therefore we don’t recognise S. P. Singh as the secretary (who has been holding the post since 2006).”

He also denied the BAI being officially informed by the DBA of its decision to name Mr. Mohammad Azharuddin as the President.

“As far as the BAI is concerned, the DBA has no office bearers. The BAI corresponds with the DBA and not its office-bearers. After all, the DBA continues to be our affiliate. Let DBA first send us a list of its districts for the BAI to verify.

Thereafter, it should hold elections in the presence of the BAI and Government observers. “A three-member inquiry panel is looking into the affairs of the DBA. Once the report is received from this panel, the BAI will take a suitable call,” said Gupta.

In fact, the DBA and the BAI are locked in a judicial battle after the governing body gave affiliation to the Delhi Capital Badminton Association (DCBA) this summer.

With the DCBA announcing its “Delhi State championship” from July 22 after the DBA had announced its state championship from July 24, the players were in a quandary. Given the strained relationship between the BAI and DBA, Gupta’s assurance came on expected lines.

“The BAI does not recognise DBA’s tournament starting from July 24.

Neither will be the BAI validate any ranking points offered nor the team/players selected by DBA for any National championships. We have no issues with DBA holding tournaments,” said Gupta.

On the DBA being declared defunct, S. P. Singh said, “The BAI seems to have the copy of our constitution of 1979 and not the registered in 2002. Anyway, the BAI’s action is on expected lines. The matter is in the court and soon the world will know the truth.”

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