Mohammed Asab shot 131 and missed the final by three points in double trap in the Shotgun World Championship in Lima, Peru, on Friday.

The 26-year-old Meerut lad had a series of 27, 29, 24, 27 and 24. He missed a double in the third series and allowed five of the first 20 clay birds to escape unhurt in the fifth series, in losing his way after a good start.

Ronjan Sodhi continued to find the World Championships a hard nut to crack.

He had a bad start as he missed a double on the first station in the first series, but recovered very well to shoot a series of 22, 28, 27, 25 and 27 to take the 17th spot, two points behind Asab, in a field of 44 shooters. He missed a double each in the third and fourth rounds as well.

Beijing Olympics champion Walton Eller of the US won his second gold in the World Championship, ten years after he had won the first in Nicosia, as he beat the London Games bronze medallist, Vasily Mosin of Russia 26-25 in the climax.

Interestingly, the Russian had taken the sixth spot among the qualifiers by beating former Olympic champion Russell Mark in the shoot-off after being tied on 134. Derek Haldeman of the US, who topped the qualifiers with a total of 141, finished sixth.

In the junior section, Sanjay Rathore was placed 12th on 120 in a small field of 14 shooters, in which the other Indian, Ahvar Rizvi placed last. Priyanshu Pandey did not compete.

The results: Men: Double trap: 1. Walton Eller (US) 26 (28) 137; 2. Vasily Mosin (Rus) 25 (27) 134; 3. Hu Binyuan (Chn) 29 (26) 137; 4. Wang Hao (Chn) 28 (27) 135; 12. Mohd. Asab 131; 17. Ronjan Sodhi 129; 35. Ankur Mittal 112.

Team: 1. US 406; 2. China 404; 3. Italy 393; 6. India 372.

Juniors: 1. Ian Rupert (US) 133; 2. Jacopo Trevisan (Ita) 132; 3. Kirill Fokeev (Rus) 130; 12. Sanjay Rathore 120; 14. Ahvar Rizvi 97.

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